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Progressive Mommies Are Big Babies


One Rebecca Jennings, a reporter for the liberal media site Vox, brings terrible news to and about the liberal parents of America. Here’s the headline:

Wait a minute: there are people in this country who would freak out over the fact that a woman who taught desperate parents how to get their babies to sleep voted for Donald Trump? As the father of three children who were once sleepless babies, I have to say that if somebody could have helped us crack that code, I wouldn’t care if they had been Stalin’s favorite torturer. Seriously, who cares about that crap? Anxious progressive women, that’s who. From the story about Cara Dumaplin, who, along with her husband, donated $2,000 to Trump’s re-election campaign:

Taking Cara Babies’ star has risen directly alongside the importance of Facebook groups for new parents. For the many new parents who’d paid to take her online sleep courses, which range from $179 to $319, the Trump donation news came as devastating. “We put our trust in her when we were at our lowest and vulnerable,” says Katelyn Esmonde, a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins and mother to a 12-week-old. “She made me feel like not getting my baby to sleep perfectly was okay. Being a mom is to feel like you are constantly failing, and she made me feel like I was doing a good job.”

Esmonde had signed up for her online newborn class, which cost around $75, and says the techniques helped her daughter’s sleep schedule significantly. “In my house, I can say something about what ‘Cara’ says and my husband knows exactly what I’m talking about,” she adds. But now, “it’s really hard for me to separate what I know about her now from the sleep advice that she gives. I can’t square that with a person who puts children in cages.”


Preti has seen several of her own Facebook groups struggle to deal with how to approach potentially divisive conversations. “A lot of criticism in mom groups, when someone posts something political, is like, ‘We’re here to talk about breastfeeding, not politics.’ But motherhood is political. You’re building a path for children to have a future,” she says.

Oh, vomit. This is the point where I remind you that a totalitarian society is one in which everything is politicized.

Who could bear to be around those people? Seriously, how privileged do you have to be to be able to fall out with the red ass over your Baby Whisperer’s political donations?

Actually, I don’t at all agree with Dumaplin’s technique, which is based on the Ferber method, which is why I wouldn’t recommend her. But if she is good at what she does, who cares who she votes for?

Back in 1999, when we had our firstborn, he was having a lot of trouble learning how to nurse. We heard that Freda Rosenfeld, a Hasidic Jewish woman from Brooklyn, was an excellent lactation consultant. We called her, she came over, and she was great (she’s still doing it too, according to this story from the NYT). We were so very grateful to her for the help she gave two desperate parents. I literally cannot imagine the kind of terrible person you would have to be to spite someone who helped you like that, over who they gave money to in a political campaign.

Are normal people like this? Or just progressives? All progressives? If you were a Trump supporter, and found out your baby whisperer was a donor to liberal causes, would you freak out? Maybe you would. Maybe this world is a lot crazier than I thought.

This brings to mind the Great Park Slope Parents Blue Hat War of 2006. The Brooklyn neighborhood Park Slope is progressive yuppie central. Back in ’06, a mom who participated on the Park Slope Parents listserv posted this:

Shots fired! Gawker collected the neurotic e-mails that followed from other Park Slope moms — read them here. 




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