“Daddy,” said Nora to me, “please remember to bring me back some clothes from Paris.”

I had so much fun shopping for Baby Girl, whom I will one day introduce to Paris in person. I found a couple of great places to buy clothes for her. My friend Beatrice recommended Du Pareil … Au Meme, which is kind of like a glorified Gap Kids. Got some nice clothes for Nora there, reasonably priced. Looks like you can get their stuff online too. I bought her an Easter dress that was kind of unreasonably priced, but really special, at Happy Garden, in St. Germain. Mom, Dad, if you are visiting Paris and want to make your little girl crazy-happy, buy her a dress from Happy Garden. Look at the print on the fabric below. Pretty great, I think. I don’t post photos of my children as a matter of policy, but trust me, Baby Girl can rock the frock. And I got several big, long hugs for all this. “Thank you, Daddy, for my clothes,” she’s said five or six times. Je t’en prie, my dear, je t’en prie.