John Nienstedt, retired Catholic archbishop of Minneapolis-St Paul (MpCatholic screengrab)

An important update on the story I posted here last week. Here’s a statement from the Napa Institute:

In 2016, Archbishop Nienstedt was engaged as an independent contractor to edit Napa Institute proceedings in preparation for their publication. He also has participated in the annual Napa Institute summer conference and has celebrated Masses at various venues, as we have been advised that there are no restrictions on Archbishop Nienstedt’s ministry. Archbishop Nienstedt has never been an employee, officer, director, or chaplain of the Napa Institute.

In light of the Napa Institute’s efforts to promote a faithful lay-led reform, Archbishop Nienstedt has stepped aside from his responsibilities with the Napa Institute effective immediately.

The Napa Institute is gathering together lay leaders to chart a new way forward that is both faithful to the Church’s hierarchical structure and committed to holding Church leadership accountable. These leaders are working on concrete proposals for governance changes to avoid future scandals. As part of this effort, the Napa Institute will be hosting a conference in Washington, D.C. on October 2, 2018 on authentic reform and the universal call to holiness.

Good. This was the right thing to do.