My trad Catholic friend and sometime TAC contributor John Zmirak is my kind of orthodox churchman. Here he is on his Facebook feed last night, opining about the Cardinal Mahony mess:

The docility and timidity of Catholic laymen on this issue has been contemptible. Every time one of these bishops who covered for abusers appears in public, he deserves to be pelted with trash — until they are too ashamed to show their faces. Laymen drove heretical bishops out of cities like Alexandria. Maybe it’s time again….

John’s ticked off here, as he absolutely should be, but he’s really a funny guy. He’s the author of the Bad Catholic Guide series, the most recent of which is the Bad Catholic’s Guide to the Catechism.  Zmirak’s Bad Catholic books are for orthodox Catholics with smart mouths who have no patience for prisspot piety, or political correctness from the Church left or the Church right.