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What Matters To Media

Meanwhile, from my e-mail inbox:

How do I go about getting help from the Cajun Army? My name is Shirley [name deleted] and I live in Baton Rouge and our house was flooded. I am 77 and my husband is 73. I have bone on bone in both shoulders and both knees and we are doing all we can but there is so much to do. Thank you.

I wrote the reader back to ask her what kind of help she needed. She replied:

We need to have sheetrock removed from our garage and storeroom, and kitchen cabinets pulled out (hopefully to be reinstalled) and some shoe molding removed from around the fireplace hearth and probably other things that we’ll find as we go along. Anything that anyone can do would be so appreciated.

The lady gave me her name and phone number. If any of you Baton Rouge area readers can help, e-mail me at rod — at — amconmag — dot — com.

In Nashville this past weekend, a number of people told me that they’re mystified why the national media aren’t paying more attention to this massive disaster in Louisiana. It’s really disgusting when you’re down here, and you’re seeing with your own eyes, and hearing with your own ears, how terrible the losses have been and continue to be. But hey, Anthony Weiner’s weiner is more important than old Miss Shirley’s flooded house. She has bone-on-bone in both shoulders, and her house is probably by now crawling with mold, but she’s not a celebrity flasher, so who cares, right?

Only 6 percent of the American people have a great deal of confidence in the news media. Hard to figure that one, eh?

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