The Lynn (Mass.) public school system has taken a bold stand for progressive values, and kicked student volunteer teachers from Gordon College, a local Christian school, out of their classrooms:

The Lynn public school district this week severed an 11-year partnership with Gordon College, citing the college’s opposition to federal hiring protection for gays and lesbians. The move ended a partnership that had sent dozens of Gordon student volunteers into the city’s public schools.

The decision by the Lynn School Committee on Thursday is the latest in a wave of backlash against the small Christian college north of Boston since school president D. Michael Lindsay signed a letter to the White House last month seeking an exemption from President Obama’s executive order barring federal contractors from discriminating.

“Gordon needs to say, ‘I’m sorry for the request in the letter,’ ” School Committee member Charlie N. Gallo said at the committee’s meeting, according to a video recording of the session.

It “shouldn’t be incumbent upon Lynn public schools to train people in Gordon College not to discriminate,” said Gallo, who introduced the resolution ending the relationship.


Supporters of the decision to end the relationship between Lynn schools and Gordon said the college’s request for an exemption from the antidiscrimination order amounted to a civil rights violation and called for severing ties immediately. Others on the School Committee were more circumspect, arguing the school system couldn’t afford to end the partnership at a time when resources are strained.

Well done, Lynn! Your town is cutting the budgets of some government departments to try to pay for the influx of illegal immigrants into the public schools. Budgets for public safety took a big hit.  One of your school board members said before the Gordon College vote:

Coppola praised Gordon for working with the school Department when “many colleges haven’t worked to build ties with us.”

But Ford said he would only change his vote to cut ties with the school if Lindsay “is removed by saner people.”

“It’s very important to send a message to a gentleman who said discrimination is OK,” Ford said.

Message sent. Now, the overwhelmed Lynn schools will have fewer personnel to teach the rising number of kids in the classroom. Look for more budget cuts to other city programs, I suppose. All because of a letter the Gordon College president wrote petitioning the government. All because the liberal Puritans of Massachusetts cannot abide witches traditional Christians.

Error has no rights.