Quest is an LGBT support and advocacy group for British Catholics. Their conference is going on now. Matthew Schmitz points out something creepy in their poster: flanked by a rainbow flag and a Vatican flag, a child’s hand is “walking” towards a man’s:

Yuck. Whose idea was that image? What could they possibly mean by it? I’m trying to think of plausible positive connotations, but the fact is, it shows a child and an adult man coming together across a “bridge” in the context of homosexuality and Catholicism. Maybe I’ve got too much Uncle Ted McCarrick on the brain, but that is just creepy.

Father Martin, who advocates for the normalization of homosexuality within Catholicism, is having a bit of a PR problem these days:

Cardinal Tobin is the Archbishop of Newark, and the one who approved a settlement with a Newark abuse victim of his predecessor, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick — my mistake; that was Archbishop John Myers who approved the settlement. Cardinal Tobin surely learned about it upon becoming Archbishop of Newark, but he did not disclose it.

Cardinal Kevin Farrell worked under McCarrick as an auxiliary bishop in Washington, and has credited McCarrick with being a mentor. He claims to have been innocent of knowledge of McCarrick’s sexytime behavior.

In 2016, psychologist Richard Sipe hand-delivered a letter to San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy, informing him (among other things) that Cardinal McCarrick was an abuser.

UPDATE: Some are saying that the hand on the left is not a child’s, but a woman’s. I can see that, I guess, but that is very far from clear. This is a big messaging fail.