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Lancaster’s Crazy Knife Man

Bodycam image of criminal attacking Lancaster police officer with knife

This weekend, a Lancaster (PA) police officer shot and killed a lunatic who was coming at him with a knife. The officer was headed to the man’s house following a domestic disturbance 911 call. You can watch the cop’s body cam footage embedded in the tweet below. The relevant still image illustrates this post:

Naturally, activists have hit the streets in Lancaster:

Lots more clips here.

They’re out in the street protesting the killing of a man who charged a police officer with a knife in hand. Seems like another case of BLM protesters believing that no one should be arrested or shot unless they want to be. You watch the video; there’s no way that cop had any choice other than to shoot to save his life. In some of the clips taken from the street, protesters are saying that peaceful protest is not getting the job done — meaning that it’s time to get violent.

UPDATE: Sam M. references this tweet from the Lancaster DA:

Don’t riot and loot because the news media will have to notice? Really, is that what’s wrong with violence and destruction of property? It looks bad on TV?

UPDATE: Well, well, well, it seems that this fine upstanding citizen was awaiting trial for stabbing four people last year. 

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