According to a shock-and-outrage press release from the Tea Party Of Louisiana, US Sen. David Vitter is in danger of becoming a RINO because he’s come out for Common Core. The above screen shot was taken from the TPOL website, cited as evidence of the dangers Common Core poses to American children. As of 11:03pm Monday night, it’s still there.

The Hayride, a Louisiana political blog, points out that the citation is actually from a satirical website. When the Times-Picayune pointed this fact out to a TPOL spokesman, he said, “Uh, we knew that all along. We were just trying to get people’s attention.” The Hayride snorts:

Ahhh, no. If you know it’s a satirical piece you don’t use it to prove a serious point. And when it’s brought to your attention that you just got burned using a satirical piece as a serious reference then you scrub that from your website, deny everything and hope people forget about it.

What you don’t do is to say you knew that all along. That’s the most damaging thing of all, because it suggests you think people who may be listening to you are rubes who will believe anything you tell them.

Here’s a link to the Broken World News fake story that the TPOL thought was real. Excerpt:

Earlier this year, Van Zant told the Operation Education Conference in Orlando that Common Core was promoting a gay lifestyle to the nation’s children.  But nobody listened.

“People said I was a quack,” Van Zant says, “They called me a right wing nut job.  Who’s laughing now?  Hollywood and Barney Frank, that’s who.”

Initial estimates suggest that as many as 60% of students who participated in Common Core have gone gay, many overnight.  But experts fear that some are just transitioning a little slower.

What kind of crack-brained loon do you have to be to think even for a second that this might be true? Read the thing; it’s not even good satire, because it’s so implausible. Everybody knows that what Common Core really does is drain away our children’s precious bodily fluids.

Well, Ryan Booth is vindicated. And Sen. Vitter, denounced by the TPOL as a “turncoat of liberty,” has nothing to worry about from that bunch now. Does anybody?