I would love to see the kind of men males who showed up to this Brown University seminar yesterday:

“The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure”, Charlie Glickman

4pm @ Wilson 105

Are you curious about prostate play? Or maybe you’ve tried you’ve tried it and want some tips to make it even more fun? Charlie Glickman PhD, author of  The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and their Partners, will give you all the info you need to see for yourself why more men and their partners are discovering how much fun prostate stimulation can be. He’ll talk about the common concerns that sometimes keep people from exploring it (and how to overcome them) …

You can get a Ph.D. in prostate-tickling? Maybe at Brown, I dunno. And if you’re not busy this afternoon, stop by this:

The Guilty Feminist, Kaytee Stewart

1pm @ Faunce Memorial Room

Come have lunch and chat with Kaytee Stewart, who will be facilitating a conversation with students around the idea of “feminist guilt”.

Kaytee Stewart is heavily involved in queer and feminist activism.  Her research focus has been on expanding the meaning and application of feminism in policy (particularly around transgender and genderqueer, gender-variant inclusivity and fluidity through disrupting binaried understanding of gender as the predicate for rights and protections) but beyond her academic focus, she has become increasingly interested in how we define, police and judge what can count as feminism and who can embody, live out and identify with feminist ideology. She aims to explore and understand the concept of feminist guilt, as we navigate a world with complex expectations for us as gendered people and feminists.

I have no idea what gender-variant inclusivity and fluidity through disrupting binaried understanding of gender is, but I certainly hope that the parents who are paying $55,000 per year for their preciouses to attend this party school believe they’re investing wisely.

You do know, I trust, that there is no fresher Dreher Bait imaginable than the adventures of the degenerate educated middle class. Nothing that puts me in better touch with my inner Ignatius Reilly.

UPDATE: Just to clarify, I really don’t care if people want to shove things up their butts for sexual pleasure. The trashy thing is talking about it in public. These people at Brown are disgraceful and without any dignity or class. If they’re lucky, one day they will be ashamed of themselves.