Evans-Manning Award to Noah172 for this comment:

I didn’t think about this in the early years of the Iraq War, but now I am shocked at the po-mo immorality of it all: This country, my country, launched war against a state that had not attacked us, a state that had indeed been a target of American aggression (justified or not, that’s not my point here) for a dozen years prior to our ground invasion; said war justified on combination of malevolent ideology, mass hysteria, and lies; with no sacrifice asked — heaven forbid demanded — of the broader public, the burden of fighting carried entirely by a tiny, insufficient (in numbers, not courage or skill) stratum of stressed volunteers and their loved ones, and the burden of payment laid entirely on generations unborn (debt is a part of any war, but Iraq, we should remember, was the first American war in which taxes were reduced, rather than raised, a feat celebrated by, among others, that embodiment of corruption and cynicism Tom Delay).

And now it is like it never happened — a bad nightmare, not a reality with which we still live as a nation.

Shameful. The shame is compounded by the looming threat of an even more immoral, potentially more catastrophic war with Iran — which, like Iraq, would be fought by too few volunteers and paid for entirely by debt (borrowed from foreigners) while regular Americans waddle through the mall and the elites count their lucre.