Nora, who is five: “Mom, did you know that mer-day is French for ‘poop’?”

Mom: “Uh, no, it’s actually pronouced maird, and you shouldn’t say that because it’s an ugly word. How did you learn it?”

Nora: “There’s a translation app on Dad’s iPad, and I put in the word ‘poop.'”

See how technology improves our lives? Which brings us to this post. Your Working Boy will never, ever, ever, ever, ever travel off the beaten path, because he loves him some flush toilets and toilet paper. For you more intrepid adventurers, here’s how to poop in a hole in the ground, with only your hand to clean your bottom. Excerpt:

What to do: Most important: Cultivate the right mindset. Relax, pretend like you’ve been doing this for years. Remember, using your hand is (according Wilson-Howarth) actually more hygienic, not less, than using toilet paper. “You get good bacteriological cleaning with just rubbing your hands together with soap under running water four times,” she says, and cites a study which says you don’t even need soap. “It can be ash or mud, just rubbing your hands together under water with some kind of washing agent. Even dirt from the river bank will give you good bacteriological cleaning.”

You’re welcome.

(Via Boing Boing)