Thanks to the reader who brought to my attention this Peter Hitchens column about post-Christian Britain. Excerpt:

Christians, whose ideas once ruled, must be repeatedly and rather angrily re-educated into understanding that they are now just another minority. If they attempt to act as if their beliefs are still the accepted national religion, they must and will be humiliated. Eventually, they will learn, as subjugated peoples do eventually learn, often some years after their formal subjugation takes place. And as our nominally free society has decided that the main method of controlling speech is the threat of unemployment, it will be in the workplace that these clashes will almost always happen.

As a recognised, registered and duly patronised  ‘minority’ (the patronising laid on thick so that they can never forget their reduced standing)  Christians may be able to wear crosses on their clothes provided an officious health and safety officer doesn’t rule them unhygienic. Indeed, it crosses my mind that it may be useful to the authorities, one day,  when ‘human rights’ have progressed  a bit further, if Christians can be *required * to wear a visible sign of their commitment, but, hang on, doesn’t that remind of something?

Hasn’t someone yet catechized Hitchens? Has he not been told that nothing bad is going to happen to Christians, who by the way bloody well deserve it?