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Harvard Craps On Eastern Christians

Harvard Divinity School is so cosmopolitan that it doesn’t care that images like the one above are deeply offensive to hundreds of millions of Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Christians.

WhenMonday, February 4, 2019, 5 – 6:30pm
WhereCSWR Conference Room, 42 Francis Ave.
SponsorCenter for the Study of World Religions
ContactCSWR: 617.495.4495

This series of Star Wars characters cast in the guise of Byzantine saint icons is a playful parody of the worship and adoration that fans give to these beloved figures. The paintings in this series draw on many of the typical features of Byzantine iconography, including the subjects’ hand gestures and postures, draped clothing with angular folds in high contrast, and stylized portraits with large eyes, elongated faces, and distinct outlines. Jabba the Hutt’s Last Supper, diverging somewhat from this pattern, blends a more realistic style in portraying the figures (in accordance with da Vinci’s masterpiece) with the gold background and Greek character labeling deployed in the rest of the series.

Alex Ramos is a self-taught artist working in acrylic paints on canvas. In addition to his popular Icons of Science Fiction series, he paints landscapes, cityscapes, and still lifes so realistic and detailed that they are often mistaken for photographs. Alex is an alumnus of Harvard Divinity School and earned a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, and he currently resides in central Pennsylvania.

I know people say this every time something like this comes up, but we all know that they never, ever would have done anything like this to Islam. The thing to keep in mind here is that this art exhibit is sponsored by Harvard Divinity School’s Center for the Study of World Religions. What on earth is Harvard teaching its students about how men and women who actually follow the world religion that is Eastern Christianity live out and understand their faith? What this exhibit teaches them is that Eastern Christianity is something to sh*t on for a laugh, because HA-HA, we’re Harvard, and we know better than you prostrating, icon-kissing hicks.

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