I’d heard yesterday about Facebook’s having been hacked by pranksters who were filling up people’s newsfeeds with images of hard-core porn (e.g., bestiality) and graphic violence (dead babies, etc.), so I stayed off of it all day. Checked in last night, hoping the problem had been fixed, and caught a disgusting image that I’ll probably never get out of my mind. I deactivated my account at once. I know it’s not Facebook’s fault, but still, I don’t need to worry about that kind of garbage. I’ve had privacy concerns about FB for a while anyway, and had been wondering why I still have an FB account, given how little I use it. It’s just not worth it to me to have to risk having images of human brains splattered on the sidewalk, or of hard-core porn, pop up onto my site — especially with kids in the house walking past where I work all the time. If FB is so insecure that something like this could happen, what else might be done with my data there? That’s one less concern I need in my life.