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Globalists fight 'hate,' as usual (Alliance Party promotional video)

You have to watch this. It’s by a niche pro-EU party from Northern Ireland, but it is a pure distillation of the globalist spirit, and one of the most sinister things I’ve seen in a while. It was retweeted yesterday by Guy Verhofstadt, a leading EU parliamentarian.

What a remarkable film. First, I’m struck by the fact that the Alliance Party portrays a nation’s attempt to assert sovereignty over its borders as real evil. (I mean, I know that’s what they believe, but it’s still striking to see it illustrated like this.) The film indicates that the glorious future must be multicultural, or else. The Myth of Progress — the idea that failure to dissolve the nation and its people is a retreat on the Grand March of History. Weirdest of all is the repeated deployment of gay images in the short movie, as if Brexit were somehow a violation of gay rights. Maybe you UK readers know something I don’t, but gay rights is widely accepted in Britain, certainly by Boris Johnson. I’m open to correction, but it seems to me that the Alliance Party is simply trying to pile everything it considers Evil onto the Brexit movement.

In any case, this clip certainly shows you who the enemy is, and what they believe. This clip makes clear that at bottom, this is a culture war.

Alliance Party’s big gay European future

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