Another day, another case of social media bigs enforcing exclusive, progressive Silicon Valley values on everybody else: From Dublin’s Iona Institute, which has violated secular liberalism’s blasphemy code with four little words:

Facebook has censored our new ‘still one of us’ ad campaign which we launched last week. It has been placed behind a notice of warning and we are no longer allowed us to promote it. The campaign is currently running on a number of billboards in various parts of the country and we had extended the campaign to Facebook where we were paying a small amount (€150 in total) to bring it to a wider audience.

The company said the image of an unborn child that appears in the ad comes under the heading of ‘graphic’ or ‘violent’ imagery. Below is what Facebook users now see where the ad once appeared. (Note, we can still post the image on our Facebook page but cannot pay to bring it to a wider audience).

The Iona Institute is trying to remind the Irish that though abortion is now legal in their country, the unborn are still human beings. That image is not of an aborted child. It’s a photo of an unborn child! What Facebook finds “sensitive” is not the image of the unborn child — which is just a normal image of fetal development, but the words accompanying it.