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Mr. Homecoming Queen: A Tutorial

Dylan Regier, transgender homecoming queen (BarefootPhotography Facebook page)

Dylan Regier, 14, becomes his New Orleans public school’s first transgender homecoming queen. The Times-Picayune observes this historic occasion with a celebratory feature story, the elements of which are soooo 2018. Let’s examine:

Dylan was afraid to complete the process of transitioning from male to female, “but I told myself if I could win homecoming queen then I was going to do it,” Dylan said. That Friday night, Dylan’s goal became a reality.

There was a palpable sense of excitement when Dylan and their father, J.D. Ligier, spoke by phone to The Times-Picayune about being named queen.

Note the pronoun. More:

“All the kids were cheering my name in the hallway. Everyone was giving me hugs and everyone was really supportive,” Dylan said.

… Dylan said dozens of students poured outside to cheer and applaud the homecoming court when they arrived by limo.

Transgenderism is quite popular at Morris Jeff. To the kids there, Dylan Regier is a hero. And also to the administration:

In a released statement, Morris Jeff Head of School Patricia Perkins said the school encourages its students to be open-minded to the views and ways of others and to understand that “others who may be different from us may also be right.”

“We applaud [Dylan’s] courage as a risk taker and we are proud that Morris Jeff is a safe place for students to express themselves,” Perkins stated.

There is never the slightest hint in this story that anybody would or should have a problem with this phenomenon. Maybe it was impossible to find such a person. I bet you anything that the reporter did not even try. In our media, there is only one way to understand transgenderism. Here is a sub-headline within the story:

See how this works? The headline-writer is making a value judgment about transgenderism.

Dylan’s father, J.D. Ligier, is a disabled veteran. He tells the paper that his son has always been feminine, and that he has long known this is not just a phase. Might his son be gay? Why does he assume the boy is transgender? That’s not part of this story. The story exists to teach parents how society expects them to react when their sons try to be homecoming queen:

Dylan gave credit to several friends and, in particular, their father for being supportive.

“It’s important to just love unconditionally and let your children tell you who they are,” J.D. Ligier said.

Dylan’s father stressed it’s important for parents to let their children “introduce themselves to you” so they can find their own identities.

Let children tell adults what’s real and what’s not. That’s the official line now in this culture.

From Barefoot Photography Facebook page

UPDATE: Reader Mareh:

The facts are that the transgender children phenomenon is anything but a passing phase. It is heavily promoted and supported by the social justice warriors in most colleges and elementary, middle and high schools across the country are implementing this “other way of being” fully into their curriculums and social structures. You disagree with these institutions at your peril.

In New York City, I receive mail from the top hospitals in the City advertising their “transition” services to help parents help their teenagers “process” their transition to the gender they “identify” with. This sick phenomenon has fully entered the culture and is fully established in the media, all educational systems, medical systems throughout the United States and Canada. It is bringing changes to the language, which means in some parts of the country and I believe in Canada, you can be arrested for not referring to someone by their preferred pronoun! (See Jordan Peterson in Canada; this is what brought him fully into the public, the change to language which he fought on the basis of its connection to totalitarianism.)

What the “process” entails for children as early as four years old: gender based psychotherapy; prescriptions for hormones or hormone blocking meds; and surgeries to add/remove body parts as these parts begin to develop into the “wrong” gender. For those of you who do not believe – you need to do more homework, because this monstrosity is real, it is being promoted, and it is another reason not to just send your children off to the regular corner kindergarten, because they offer up transgender everything to these kids, including storybooks and dress up. The reason anyone needs to work harder to learn more, is that the liberal mainstream media is biased along the lines of identity politics, and for them transgender is a protected class, and thus they are not really offering the full story if at all.

In this day and age, a person has to develop serious “critical” thinking skills, along with research to understand the new reality we live in that has evolved since the liberating, anything goes sixties crashed our boundaries of ethics and morality. If one is willing to look for it, the internet is full of stories of the promotion of transgenderism to children and their parents, and how laws in many states are changing to promote this as “normal”. There is nothing normal about changing the hormone structure of a child’s biochemistry, AND, there is a lot to suggest that adding/subtracting hormones causes emotional problems, not to mention cancer! And, then there is the problem no one wants to discuss of the civil rights of the child who is too young to know anything. (But, after all, we as a world are stalled on the civil rights of children in wombs.)

In any case, there are hundreds of stories/you tubes (see Cari Stella or Walt Heyer) on the internet about people who regret their transition, and the lucky ones, the ones who do not commit suicide, often “detransition”. And, some of these live their lives in mutilated bodies. It is bad enough that this phenomenon exists so fully in our world, but, it is really alarming that so many otherwise educated, savvy people do not know anything about it!

To conclude, and, as a sad side note, I have to say that reading Rod’s column in recent days has been really depressing (no criticism intended) between the story of Andrea Chu Long, and the updates and comments on that story including the prevalence of “sissy porn”; and the success in China of DNA tweaking of fetuses, i.e. the CRISPR babies, and most of today’s postings — a really dark time, getting darker by the minute. Spiritual crisis is an understatement – a real crucifixion moment.

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