Sent in by reader DancingGirl, a Democrat, this e-mail went out to everyone on the DNC’s list. Good for Donna Brazile! You don’t have to be a Democrat to follow her lead:

I grew up in Kenner, Louisiana, right outside of New Orleans. I went to LSU and served as a member of the Louisiana Recovery Authority after Hurricane Katrina. I have family and friends stretched from the mouth of the Mississippi River all the way up — Louisiana is my heart, and right now, my heart is breaking.

The unprecedented rains and subsequent flooding that has hit the state is the worst natural disaster our country has seen since Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Over the course of the last week, Louisiana was hit with almost 7 trillion gallons of rain — to put that into perspective, that’s enough to fill more than 10 million Olympic-sized swimming pools.

So far, this has left more than 40,000 homes damaged and more than 100,000 residents affected. Unfortunately, while the rains may have stopped, the flooding hasn’t, so those numbers can and will continue to rise.

This is a critical moment for my home state, and many people have asked how they can make a difference. Click here to visit the Baton Rouge Area Foundation and find out more about what you can do to help.

Louisiana has a great Governor in John Bel Edwards, who is working tirelessly with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to make sure his state gets the resources it needs. I’m so grateful to have him there, understanding that moments like these are the moments when good government is at its best — working from the federal level right on down to local parishes.

That’s something we understand to our core as Democrats. But we also know it’s moments like these when the support from folks all over the country for our brothers and sisters in Louisiana can make the biggest impact. So if you can, please visit the Baton Rouge Area Foundation for more information on how you can support those who have been affected by this disaster:

Thank you so much for everything you do.

Donna Brazile
Democratic National Committee