Exterminate! Exterminate!

Exterminate! Exterminate!

I am not a fan of the Doctor Who television program, which turns 50 today, but judging by the radiant excitement in my home emanating from No. 1 son and his Mum, who are in the living room mainlining BBC America right now, it’s a Rilly Big Deal. Actual real-life dialogue I just heard from my armchair:

“Mom, it’s happening! It’s happening! Right now, it’s happening!”

“Matt, did you just run into the wall?”

“Yes! Hurry! It’s not a simulcast if I pause it.”

If it’s a big deal to those two, it’s probably a big deal to many in this blog’s readership. Open thread, people.

UPDATE: In honor of the 50th anniversary, the kids ritually sacrificed two papercraft Daleks in the fireplace tonight. We. Are. Nerds.