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Desmond & The Killer

Earlier this week, I wrote about Desmond Napoles, an 11-year-old Brooklyn boy who, as a drag queen, goes by the name “Desmond Is Amazing.” [1] In my blog post, I criticized his parents for allowing him to perform at a gay bar in Brooklyn, at which men threw cash at him, as if he were a stripper. This 11-year-old child has been widely celebrated in the media, including guest spots on Good Morning America and Today. The mainstream media have been entirely complicit in helping this child’s parents exploit him.

Now, I’ve found more. This story is even more disturbing.

Here is video of Desmond performing the same act (imitating Gwen Stefani) he did in Brooklyn at a gay bar in San Francisco this past October. [2] Watch the clip; hooting and cheering men give him money as he prances around the stage.

How many other times has this happened? Does that stage mom, Wendy (sometimes Wendylou) Napoles, take her 11-year-old son to gay bars to perform for men all the time now? Where is Child Protective Services?

Unless something has changed fairly recently, Wendy is unemployed. Last Christmas, some friends did a Go Fund Me for her and the boy.  [3] They raised just over $2,500 to get them through the holidays. In 2016, Wendy did an interview with “Bettina May,” [4] a burlesque performer and “vintage” stylist, from whom Wendy took a class to learn “how to find the pin-up inside” herself. It sounds like Wendy is doing the classic stage mom thing: living out her own fantasies through her son.

If she was so broke as recently as one year ago that she had to turn to Go Fund Me, it seems fair and even necessary to ask: is her 11-year-old son Desmond her cash cow? The man who started the Go Fund Me for the family last year re-opened it on August 30 of this year, explaining:

I found that on a cached page. The account has been closed.

Why are these able-bodied people unemployed? Who paid for this expensively designed website? For Desmond’s lavish costumes?

To be fair, it does not at all appear that these parents are forcing the boy to do something he doesn’t want to do. But they are clearly exploiting him.

Here’s how sick it is. Does the name Michael Alig [5] mean anything to you? He was briefly famous in the early 1990s as a New York “club kid.” His star flamed out when he murdered a guy. The Village Voice recalls: [6]

A hammer was the weapon Robert “Freez” Riggs used to hit Angel Melendez over the head, incapacitating but not killing him. It was Alig, his fist wrapped in a sweatshirt, pummeling an unconscious Melendez over and over and over again, that actually finished him off.

The pair then lifted Melendez’s lifeless body into the bathtub of the luxury apartment paid for by Alig’s boss, club impresario Peter Gatien, and doused it in Drano, baking soda and a few liberal spritzes of Calvin Klein Eternity. They left it there for “eight or nine days” before chopping Melendez’s body into pieces, and throwing them into the Hudson.

Alig was convicted of manslaughter and sent to prison for 17 years. He was released in 2014. Macaulay Culkin played Alig in the 2003 feature film Party Monster [7].

Last December, Desmond appeared as the guest on a skeezy YouTube talk show Alig hosts [8] with his former club kid roommate, Ernie Glam. The image that illustrates this post is a screenshot from the interview. Notice the painting above their heads; it features the word “Rohypnol,” which is a date rape drug. Wendy Napoles allowed her little boy to appear on a show hosted by a freak who spent 17 years in prison for killing a guy and chopping him up.

That Wendy is a piece of work. On her son’s Facebook page, dated December 10, 2017, she tore into critics. [9] Here’s part of her self-pitying, self-justifying rant:

Desmond likes dressing like a girl, so what? How is that sexualizing him or abusing him? Only you seem to see it as sexual. I see a plain old 10-year old boy in a dress. Also, how is that promoting pedophilia? Explain it to me please. If there is a pedophile anywhere, they will go for whatever child they can most easily attack whether it is mine or yours. It is proven that, for one, most pedophiles are heterosexual, and two, they go for the weakest children, the kids who keep their heads down, the ones who beg for attention and love because they get it nowhere else. That isn’t Desmond at all. He is being raised with unconditional love, has been treated as an intelligent individual, and has been told every day of his life that he is a worthy person in this world, no matter what. He is self-confident, smart, and self-aware. Desmond constantly has a parent with him at all times, is supervised, and he only attends family friendly or all ages events.

Well, guess that policy changed. He’s now vamping at gay bars. More Wendy:

You know, this year has been extremely difficult. And now this grand show of cruelty against a child, my son, has really hit me hard. I am upset, I am angry, and I am at a loss. It’s been so, so hard. I am unemployed and have had trouble reentering the workplace because there is too much competition for jobs, especially this time of year. I am qualified, and have 15+ years of experience, but so do thousands of other applicants. It doesn’t help when potential employers can Google you and see the kind of filth openly up for display that you people post. My good name has been slandered and dragged thru the mud and we suffer. You don’t just hurt feelings when you attack people online, you can also hurt their ability to make a living. And these things live on the internet forever. We DO NOT make money from the interviews, videos, and photos that Desmond does. We do them because he wants to do them. We do not force him. He has declined to do assignments because he didn’t want to at the time or did not agree with the concept. This belief that we are somehow doing all of this for money is absurd. We are poor. Very poor. After paying rent, we usually have about $200 to last the whole month to cover any bills and food. We have used up both of our 401ks just trying to survive. We have borrowed embarrassing amounts of money from extended family. This year, there won’t even be a Christmas at our house because we can’t afford it. Desmond said “It’s okay, Santa will bring me something!” and it breaks my heart because he won’t, he can’t. My older daughter is fortunately an adult already and has the benefit of understanding our situation. She is trying to buy the gifts this year with her own college money and I feel so ashamed because I have always worked and provided for my kids.

Where do you even start with that? Here’s the knockout:

We have never revealed this to the public in any interview, article, or video, but I feel this is the time, due to the nastiness and scope of the attack we received and continue to receive. Desmond is on the autism spectrum….But at the end of the day, this 10-year old boy has been able to overcome his disorder’s symptoms and behavior issues and become successful in pursuing his interests. He likes dressing up, dance, voguing, and fashion design. HOW ARE THOSE INTERESTS HURTING YOU??? Please, someone explain that to me. Frankly speaking, it takes most people until their adulthood to figure out how to live with any disorder or disease. Desmond feels most focused and comfortable when he is designing his outfits and dressing up. It helps his autism and helps keep his behavior under control, which means he has a high quality of life right now. If it helps with the autism and hurts no one around him, why is this so wrong? How is this criminal? How is this bad parenting?

Wendy and Andrew Napoles are justifying turning their special-needs child into a sexualized freak who performs for men in gay bars by saying its medically therapeutic. Here is their 11-year-old son, photographed recently in a Brooklyn gay nightclub:

Desmond, dancing for cash in a Brooklyn gay bar

Just as sickening is the role the national, New York-based media have played in promoting this debasing exploitation. This kid is everywhere. If there’s a national TV program or print publication that has done anything other than praise Desmond and his parents to the stars, I haven’t yet found it.

Here’s a particularly choice example, from Fatherly, a parenting website with 30 employees and an estimated $2.2 million in annual revenue. Writer Lizzy Francis’s March 2018 profile of Desmond’s parents is straight-up propaganda. [10] Excerpt:

It’s hard to tell whether or not Desmond knows the extent to which his parents have sacrificed for him. He knows that they love and accept him — and if they didn’t, he says he would just “leave.” (Andrew shakes this off as nothing more than attitude, but is quick to admit his kid would do drag even without his blessing.) But Desmond is a kid who doesn’t know what it’s like not to have the support of his parents. He never will.

Wendy hasn’t considered pulling the plug on public appearances in order to make getting a job easier. Instead, she’s doubled down. She calls herself his “dragager” and openly admits that if his career takes off, it’ll be a full-time gig. She’ll be a showbiz parent. There will be rehearsals and expenses and late nights and busy weekends.

This isn’t what she chose, it’s what Desmond chose. But acceptance and attention have created a feedback loop. Whether it’s virtuous or vicious is a matter of perspective, but it looks happy. Desmond looks happy.

Oh no, it’s not what Wendy chose at all! All stage parents tell themselves that.

And speaking of the feedback loop, the national media are a crucial part of what’s encouraging these two deadbeats to monetize their child’s disorder. The media have taken Desmond and his parents’ disgusting sexualization of him (he’s not dressing like typical 11-year-old girls, note well) and turned the kid into an LGBT advocate. Fatherly describes its mission as “to empower men to raise great kids and lead more fulfilling adult lives” — but it is aiding and abetting a phenomenon that is very close to pedophilia. Is it simply inconceivable that Fatherly would publish a fawning profile of a dad who facilitated his daughter’s child beauty pageant career — nor should it.

I wonder if reporter Lizzy Francis knew that the parents she slobbered over in print allowed their autistic child to be on a convicted murderer’s YouTube show? It appeared online three months before Fatherly‘s piece ran. If not, why not? You’re supposed to research your subjects when you profile them. Then again, that inconvenient fact doesn’t fit the happy-clappy progressive-parent narrative. Nope, not a thing wrong with these parents. Fatherly says so … as does Good Morning America, Today, the Daily Beast, Huffington Post, Vogue, and many others. Call something pro-LGBT, and there’s nothing they won’t justify.

So, now we have video evidence that the Napoles have allowed Desmond to perform in at least two gay bars this autumn — one in Brooklyn, and one in San Francisco. Hello, CPS! Where are you?! This is a little special-needs boy we’re talking about — and he apparently has nobody in his life who will protect him.

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124 Comments To "Desmond & The Killer"

#1 Comment By DRK On December 19, 2018 @ 10:03 pm

As far as I can tell, it is not illegal for this child to dance in bars for money, providing that: he is accompanied by a parent (minors are allowed in bars in New York if accompanied by a parent); that he has a Child Performer’s permit; (the minimum age for one is 15 days old); and that he is only working a limited number of hours. Depressing, but true.

Boy, that’s a law that needs to change.

Here’s the liquor and child labor sites I consulted, but I am no lawyer. If any one can spot the law this kids’ parents are breaking, please let us know.




#2 Comment By Jim in Ohio On December 19, 2018 @ 10:08 pm

Perhaps things haven’t changed as much as we think.

Is this kid doing anything more scandalous than what this famous 14-year-old girl is doing in an ad from the prehistoric days of 1981?

#3 Comment By Secular Transhumanist On December 19, 2018 @ 10:15 pm

I think it’s important to remember the real reason this is disturbing.

It’s not disturbing because it’s a boy prancing around in drag having dollar bills thrown at him by middle-aged men.

It’s disturbing because it’s a pre-pubescent child prancing around having dollar bills thrown at him by middle-aged men.

There seems to be an inordinate amount of attention paid to the fact that the kid’s in drag, which distracts from the real issue.


The conversation should begin and end there. Anything more is mere embellishment.

#4 Comment By Siarlys Jenkins On December 19, 2018 @ 10:21 pm

neither did I say that voting majority of Americans want to see Desmond perform in drag.

No Viking, but you DID assert that”Enough of them DO support this that Desmond is pulling in an audience,” as a repartee to “most liberals/gays don’t support this!”

Which is a poorly stated antithesis — and that’s why the illustrations I offered are on point. I KNEW you wouldn’t suggest that a majority of Americans would support a Limbaugh presidency. That is precisely my point.

Do you have a better idea?! Honestly now! Would you stand down and let this insanity continue for fear of being branded a bigot?!

Do I have a better idea than resorting to facism? Quite a few. I’ve been offering them in this very space for several years. I’ve been making overtly dismissive statements about LGBTQWERTY (a derisive mock acronym I coined in the first place) FROM THE LEFT in the teeth of anyone who cares to mindlessly scream “bigot.” But I definitely won’t support a fascist movement as the means of suppressing these idiots. I’m a TANSTAAFL socialist, a George Bailey, John Doe, Eugene Debs mom and apple pie socialist, with enough of a Bolshevik residue to view Bernie Sanders’s milquetoast socialism with a jaundiced eye. I don’t even think we need a GULAG to put them in — a few people with a spine would reveal them to be the paper tigers they are.

Heck, I can dance with abandon to “Bad Romance” but I don’t want to sleep with Lady Gaga.

You’re a better dancer than I am, JonF. But I don’t want to sleep with Lady Gaga either.

If gay “people” (meaning the leading gay organizations)

There’s a fallacy in your equation Ben. More of less the same fallacy I’ve been identifying in JohninCA’s screed about “y’all” conservatives or Christians or people who have some skepticism about the gay movement (which believe it or not are three different populations that do not perfectly overlap).

#5 Comment By Ken Zaretzke On December 19, 2018 @ 11:28 pm


The key phrase was “in those audiences,” meaning gay bars, i.e., pickup scenes. That, and the deliberate eroticization of the boy’s performance. Common sense says you’re straining at gnats and swallowing a camel.

#6 Comment By Sheila On December 20, 2018 @ 1:03 am

I don’t have anything to say about these parents that hasn’t already been said, except that Desmond strikes me as a child who might be unstable enough to threaten suicide whenever he doesn’t get his way. I will note that I’m a liberal and I’m appalled by entire situation.

However there is evidence that transgenderism is disproportionately common among people on the autism spectrum.


Still, I’d say that being on the autism spectrum is the least of poor Desmond’s problems.

#7 Comment By JonF On December 20, 2018 @ 9:59 am

Ken Zaretzke. You’re behind the times. Gay bars reallyv
aren’t pick up joints any longer. There’s a app for that, called Grindr. Time marches on, you know. The more popular sport of gay place even has a sizable straight clientele, notably women looming to have fun without the drunken meat market factor of many straight clubs.

#8 Comment By Austin (UK) On December 20, 2018 @ 10:17 am

When he decides for himself how he is going to live life he will get accused of “lacking empathy”.

(His parents are seemingly mentally handicapped too and probably didn’t get an education themselves – I’ve known lots of such. Not exactly an excuse but it’s been a cr** world for lots of people, for a long time already.)

The manufacturers should sue the couple for the return of all those promotion fees – now that they have got cold feet about this!

#9 Comment By dan On December 20, 2018 @ 12:49 pm

Pharmtech says: “I’m about as militant an LGBT rights crusader as they come, but nothing about this scene sits well on my stomach.”

Well, its what you have been fighting for nonetheless.

Why is it people think they can choose when the unfolding (or decomposing) of Liberalism is going to halt? “This far and no further!” Seriously? This doesn’t stop until its played out or replaced with a new Zeitgeist. Squabbling about what point we should halt the liberalization process has defined political debate between Left and Right for long enough. The Right is a silly joke for thinking they could do this, as are centrist Leftists who don’t see where this is going. I’ll at least give the postmodernists and liberal leadership credit for not being naive saps.

#10 Comment By Rick On December 20, 2018 @ 3:08 pm

No kid should be sexualized no matter straight, gay, trans, bi, lesbian, pansexual.

If this had been a little girl taken to a strip club we’d be abhorred.

Not because strip clubs are inherently bad but they’re a highly sexualized exchange of commerce.

And children are not developed enough to comprehend the implications of that.

However, it should be noted that most transsexuals whether adult or children aren’t doing this.

Most are just living their lives as best they can with their heads down like everybody else.

#11 Comment By bigriver00 On December 21, 2018 @ 2:28 am

Serious, non-joking question:

Would dhimmi status in future Eurabia really be worse than continuing to live in the modern secular west?

#12 Comment By Rob G On December 21, 2018 @ 6:22 am

~~Why is it people think they can choose when the unfolding (or decomposing) of Liberalism is going to halt? “This far and no further!” Seriously?~~

Exactly. Progressivism isn’t really preaching “progress,” because progress implies a goal or destination. But like advanced capitalism, which is its twin, it has no internal control or governor to regulate how fast it goes or where it ends up, so to speak. Ten years from now today’s progressivism is likely to be viewed as yesterday’s conservatism.

There is always someone more liberal than you.

#13 Comment By Austin (UK) On December 21, 2018 @ 8:32 am

I get this now. It doesn’t matter whether those are premises (I expect they are) or whether it is a concocted photo. The deal, in politics, the economy and schools, IS date rape and the deal IS grooming.

This is the deliberate green light to groom children for date rape and the frailer the better.

(According to today’s newspaper they are still actually jailing some for this.)

Of course kids like to lark which might be part of the facts. Add a “charismatic” priest in a presbytery or a “charismatic” personality around “gay bars” . . .

I was not comfortable in my formative years when it started in my school and I was not comfortable in my formative years when it started on the television.

(I also wasn’t comfortable when it started in my church and in my high demand movement.)

Now they keep saying “if you’re not comfortable with something” you’re to “speak out”.

Well that’s the exact opposite to what the “conservative social forces” actually WANT us to do.

That’s the one thing we’re going to be in trouble for, if we stick up for ourselves and – empathetically – our peers who are as “vulnerable” as ourselves (V-word = carte blanche for the despisers to despise).

#14 Comment By Jonathan James Waldmann On December 21, 2018 @ 12:41 pm

While it’s not my cup of tea I’ve been exposed to drag culture and the practice of tipping. This is not the same thing as throwing cash at a child stripper. This is not about eroticizing a child but about the performance of gender expression and imitation. It’s an art style. This is vaudeville. The actions of the men are more charitable than nefarious. Probably aware of their own childhood proclivities demonized by an intolerance that identified their otherness as as sexual deviance. Being girly is not prostitution.

#15 Comment By Escher On December 22, 2018 @ 9:12 am

The founder of the middle east’s dominant religion is supposed to have married a 6 year old, and Afghan men are known for their fascination with young boys, so this sordid saga would fit right in.

#16 Comment By JonF On December 23, 2018 @ 8:52 am

Re: The founder of the middle east’s dominant religion is supposed to have married a 6 year old

In some accounts. In others she older than that. And in Europe in the Middle ages twelve year olds were of marriageable age.

#17 Comment By Skeletor On December 23, 2018 @ 9:41 am

Did a quick Google search, and Lactatia and Desmond are different people. Here they are together:


#18 Comment By JonF On December 24, 2018 @ 4:35 pm

Re: Would dhimmi status in future Eurabia really be worse than continuing to live in the modern secular west?

In the early 7th century the Byzantine imperial government put a lot of pressure (generally stopping short of full scale persecution) on people to forswear Monophysitism and accept the Council of Chalcedon. Also, Byzantine taxes were exorbitant– half or more of the population had died in the disasters of the 6th century and the government insisted on trying to raise the same amount of revenue from a much smaller tax base. So when the early Caliphate conquered Syria and Egypt a lot of people thought the Caliph might be a better deal since the Muslims made no difference between strains if Christianity and their taxes (yes, even for unbelievers) were much lower.
Were they right, was it a better deal, and I mean over the centuries?

#19 Comment By Joseph Murray On December 31, 2018 @ 2:28 pm

I must say this is a very difficult situation for Desmond Napoles and his mother Windy Napoles. Especially at this time of the year when our focus is on the birth of Jesus.

You seem to be upset that there are no laws violated, therefore, we need laws to protect this child. Why are you trying weaponize your biases in this way?

Just what state laws or federal laws has this child and mother violated? Cannon Law does not work here.

What I find scandalous is the fact that you are attacking this family rather than reaching out to communicate, build bridges, or even praying for them.

Is there any difference between you and the Pharisees who judged and condemned Christ?

Joe Murray
Executive Director
Rainbow Sash Movement (LGBT Roman Catholics)

[NFR: It is useful to see that the leader of the Rainbow Sash Movement supports the exploitation and sexualization of an 11-year-old boy. Tell me, Joe, when will you appear on Michael Alig’s YouTube program? — RD]

#20 Comment By Jay On January 5, 2019 @ 4:08 pm

Wow, that kid seems awesome! It’s great that his parents are so supportive by letting him do this!!! Such confidence!
Kid, I applaud you!

#21 Comment By John On January 23, 2019 @ 7:17 am

Someone just showed me this..

“The Overhauling of Straight America” (look that up and read it all)


In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be cast as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to assume the role of protector. If gays are presented, instead, as a strong and prideful tribe promoting a rigidly nonconformist and deviant lifestyle, they are more likely to be seen as a public menace that justifies resistance and oppression.

For that reason, we must forego the temptation to strut our “gay pride” publicly when it conflicts with the Gay Victim image. And we must walk the fine line between impressing straights with our great numbers, on the one hand, and sparking their hostile paranoia-“They are all around us!”–on the other.

A media campaign to promote the Gay Victim image should make use of symbols which reduce the mainstream’s sense of threat, which lower it’s guard, and which enhance the plausibility of victimization. In practical terms, this means that jaunty mustachioed musclemen would keep very low profile in gay commercials and other public presentations, while sympathetic figures of nice young people, old people, and attractive women would be featured.

(It almost goes without saying that groups on the farthest margin of acceptability such as NAMBLA, [Ed note — North American Man-Boy Love Association] must play no part at all in such a campaign: suspected child-molesters will never look like victims.)


AND this looks like an exaggerate but not entirely..creepy


#22 Comment By Erich J Walrath On May 27, 2019 @ 10:39 am

Those who want this kid under the care of CPS should do a little research on the agency. It’s not a silver bullet. In some cases the “cure” has been worse then the disease: cases where children in foster care end up in abusive situations; some where the CPS has inadvertently acted as a conduit for traffickers.

Leave to the side the irony of Conservatives calling for the intervention of the State, at taxpayers expense.

#23 Comment By wristaction On June 16, 2019 @ 10:50 pm


Jim, that bit of water-testing at the shores of pedophilic sexualization of children had the same opponents and proponents as the current matter. Was that the point you were pursuing?

#24 Comment By Carla On June 17, 2019 @ 12:50 pm

This seems like a tragic situation. The mom doesn’t have a job? That means there is pressure on the kid to perform so as to make money.

Which is the least of issues here of course. Yikes.