A reader writes:

The response to the Regnerus study on gay parenting is proof that *everything* is evidence for why we need same-sex marriage. If gay couples are high-functioning and healthy, well, obviously they deserve to be married. If they’re unstable and bad for kids, well, obviously they need marriage. What the world needs, my friend, is GAY  MARRIAGE.

Just so we’re clear.

Yes. In fact, if we had gay marriage, the eurozone currency crisis would resolve itself, global warming would recede, the lion would lay down with the lamb, and they would open a free Disney theme park on the summit of Big Rock Candy Mountain. If people could just get past their bigotry, they would see that it only stands to reason.

I kid. The point is, the idea of that we can have or ever will have a rational debate about any of this is a sham. I’m writing a piece now about an episode of American imperialism in our distant past, and it’s amazing to me, even at my advanced age, how readily our forebears decided what they wanted to believe, and arranged the intelligence to fit the preferred narrative. I agree with Niall Gooch: