As you know if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, I am a fan of Capt. Clay Higgins, the badass Cajun cop who became a cult figure for his St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Department Crimestoppers videos (for example). But it all went to his head. He got himself fired by the Sheriff’s Department. Then he was elected to Congress, and now is causing controversy for having gone to Auschwitz — Auschwitz! — and used it as a backdrop for a self-promoting video (see above), the final shot of which is this:

Screen grab

Unbelievable. No sense of propriety. Most of what he says in the video is unobjectionable — a proper respect for the gravity of Auschwitz and what happened there. Had he written these same words after his visit, there would have been no problem. But to use Auschwitz as a stage set for your own political messaging? Unreal. Did nobody on Rep. Higgins’s staff wonder if this might be in poor taste?