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Christopher Rufo, Hero

That's Chris Rufo in the upper right hand corner of this meme

The independent journalist Christopher Rufo uncovered something truly outrageous at Sandia National Laboratories: a program that indoctrinates white employees into racist self-hatred. 

He went on Tucker Carlson’s show on Tuesday night to tell this story, and to call on the president to stop these Critical Race Theory-based programs in federal agencies. See the clip here.

And now, this:


It goes on, but the point is this: by executive order, all these Critical Race Theory programs are cancelled in the federal government. 

We can win these fights! All credit to Chris Rufo and Tucker Carlson for their work on this, and many thanks to Russell Vought and the president for their action. I want to strongly encourage my readers to become a patron of Chris Rufo’s work. This is quite a fierce and monstrous dragon we have to slay — and he is doing the work that the mainstream media won’t do, because it believes the dragon is actually a noble lion.

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