Just got off a conference call with some donors who want to make a Benedict Option website happen. We are ready to move forward with concrete actions.

What we’re interested in doing is creating a website that’s a clearing house for information and networking among diverse groups and people interested in the Ben Op idea. We do not want to run a comments section, or host discussion and debate. We don’t have the funds to dedicate a staff to monitor all that. We’re not interested in adjudicating theological or political arguments. What we want to be is a place where Ben Op people can find each other, and find reliable resources and institutions (churches, schools, co-ops, businesses, support networks, etc.) that will help them.

What we need to do now is to find someone with a technical background and skills to help us build the site. A web design manager, in other words. If you are that person, please drop me an e-mail at rod — at — amconmag — dot — com. I will forward it to the donors.

Please understand that I am not running this project; I’m just an adviser. I’m not going to be hiring anybody; that will be the donors.

This is not going to be a for-profit site, by the way. Our goal is solely to make it a useful source of information and means of networking for Ben Op folks around the world.

In Germany, a group of Ben Op Christians have set up a website for their group, the Bund Sankt-Michael (St. Michael Society), in which they discuss Ben Op topics, and are pioneering ways to think together through the challenges of the post-Christian age, to meet each other and to collaborate. This is generally the model I have for the Ben Op site we want to build. If you can help with this, please e-mail me privately and I will pass on your ideas and resume to the folks who are going to oversee this project.