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Blighty Goes Crazy

One of the world's great universities is terrified of this man, Jordan Peterson (Skavlan screen grab)

Somebody — maybe Andrew Sullivan — said that the UK was what America would be like if it were run by Social Justice Warriors. The police are actually … well, read it yourself:

A journalist claims she is being investigated by police for using the wrong pronoun for a transgender woman.

Caroline Farrow said Surrey Police wants to “conduct a taped interview under caution” because of tweets posted in October.

They were made after she was on ITV’s Good Morning Britain with Susie Green, whose daughter Jackie is transgender.

Ms Green said the posts were malicious and it was “not just the misgendering” issue.

Susie Green, a well-known public nuisance, has a son who presents as a female. More from Caroline Farrow’s Twitter account:

Can you believe it?

Actually, this must be good news. Crime is so well in hand in Britain that the police can spend time and resources harassing citizens for committing phony crimes that irritate professional agonists like Susie Green.

Meanwhile, I was driving back today from an out of town trip, and listened to some of this Jordan Peterson lecture about the psychological meaning of the Bible.  It’s really great, and gave me so much to think about. He really does have an uncanny gift for helping one to see old things with fresh eyes. I arrived home to discover that Cambridge University has withdrawn its invitation to Peterson to serve a two-month fellowship there. From The Guardian:


The University of Cambridge said Peterson requested to be a visiting fellow and was initially granted the opportunity, but after further review it decided to take back the offer.

“[Cambridge] is an inclusive environment and we expect all our staff and visitors to uphold our principles. There is no place here for anyone who cannot,” a spokesperson for the university said.

Peterson, whose self-help book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, became a bestseller in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Germany and France, has amassed more than 1 million followers on Twitter.

In September 2016 he expressed concern on YouTube about the development of a federal amendment to add gender identity and expression to the Canadian Human Rights Act. This would make it illegal to stop someone from getting a job or discriminate against them in the workplace based on the gender they identify with or outwardly express.

Peterson claimed the law was an infringement of free speech and said that he would refuse to use any pronoun other than he or she. His views sparked protests across Toronto University’s campus.

He also challenged his university’s plans for mandatory anti-bias training and has railed against Marxism, human rights organisations, HR departments and “an underground apparatus of radical left political motivations” forcing gender-neutral pronouns on him.

Students and faculty are reportedly thrilled that Peterson isn’t going to turn their campus into an unsafe space by his presence.

What a sorry herd of bootlicking cowards. Whatever happened to the Britain we know, love, and admire? I guarantee you that no small amount of the faculty ire is sheer jealousy. But never mind. This is what happens when the militant left comes to dominate a culture and its institutions. You have popular scholars denied positions in major universities, and dissident Catholic journalists harassed by police.

Bring on the backlash. Can’t happen soon enough.

Sooner or later these Jacobins of academia, in the US and the UK, are going to alienate so many scholars that they will be able to start an intellectually free national university on their own, where undergraduates and graduate students will be able to learn true scholarship, unbound by these smelly little orthodoxies.

UPDATE:And now this:

The Open University was forced to cancel a conference on prison reform following threats from the transgender lobby, it has emerged.

Over a hundred delegates had already bought tickets for the two-day event in May, which was co-organised by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies (CCJS). But earlier this month, attendees and speakers were notified that the conference had been called off.

The CCJS, an educational charity, has been accused of “transphobia” for its stance that transgender female prisoners should be incarcerated separately from female prisoners.

“The Open University faced quite significant pressure from transgender activists. They received a number of emails where some of the language was extraordinarily overheated,” a source told The Telegraph.

“They were effectively being threatened with demonstrations and disruptive activity, possibly in the conference hall itself, and some kind of picket line or protest outside the conference.”

Again: cowards! You cannot give in to these fascists. If they try to stop the conference, have the police arrest them, and press charges against them.

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