In news from the Tree Falling In The Woods That Nobody Heard File, I got a text yesterday from my wife telling me that she had just driven past the “Blackbird Black House” in Zachary, a nearby town, and seen it surrounded by what looked like a police SWAT team, all carrying submachine guns and automatic weaponry. What the heck is going on? she wondered.

This was news. That house, a creepy place on a semi-rural road, is known as the Blackbird Black House because the former owner boarded up the windows and painted graffiti on the panels reading BLACKBIRD BLACK. It sounds very Stephen King, if you ask me. The former owner is a loon who has been in trouble with the cops on drugs and other charges. It appears that the former owner’s son has been living there with his girlfriend and their baby. A month ago, police found the girlfriend wandering around the area in the morning, naked and out of her mind. A search of the Blackbird Black house found guns and drugs. Police found the body of her baby son in a ditch opposite the house. Now she is charged with killing the child. 

People around here have been talking a lot about the Blackbird Black House, and the insanity attached to it. Like I said, this morning there was a major police raid on the house. All day I looked to the TV news and newspaper websites to see what happened. Why had police gone into this notorious house? Why the SWAT team? Did they find anything? What happened?

My eight-year-old son also saw the police with machine guns around the house too (he and his mom were on the way to the orthodontist). Tonight he asked to stay up late to watch the local news to see what had happened. “The police were wearing armor and everything!” he said.

Nothing. Not a thing on the news, anywhere. There’s probably a good reason for this, but it does make me wonder what happens all around us that we never find out about because it never makes the news.