You readers who have followed the story of Baby Irene Harrington and her family will be pleased to learn that she became a Christian this morning. Her father baptized her. Many of you contributed to the GoFundMe account for the Harrington family, for which I once again thank you. Thanksgiving for generous contributions also goes to the congregation of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in St. Francisville, as well as to Father Frank Bass and his parishioners at St. Isidore Catholic parish and St. Pius X parish. No doubt many more people gave quietly, and their names are known only to the Harringtons, or to God alone. Whatever the case: thank you.

Irene was born with severe birth defects, and will require many surgeries and constant care. Her mother nearly died giving birth, requiring 31 units of blood during surgery. The hardships that this family are facing and will face are severe, but there was nothing today among us but joy and gratitude for new life. That, and Chantilly cake. Glory to God for all things!