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Do You Agree, Or Are You a Bad Person?

A reader sends the above image, adding:

My wife is a senior at a public university studying to become an elementary teacher. She attended a transgender workshop to help teachers deal with situations involving transgender elementary students. This was part of the handout that all the workshop students received. It says, “If you do not ‘agree’ with transgendered persons, how will you NOT discriminate?” Note especially the word “agree” in scare quotes, implying that ideological disagreement with transgenderism is really a farce to hide hate.

I think this might help Christians brace themselves for what is coming especially in public schools. This is as blatant as I’ve seen yet.

What about you conservatives in this blog’s readership who did not wear purple on October 15 to participate in “Spirit Day,” GLAAD’s invented holiday to denounce bullying of LGBT youth? I absolutely oppose bullying of all kinds, but had I been in a school or workplace whose leadership encouraged observing Spirit Day, I would not have donned the purple. It’s not because I am indifferent to bullying of LGBT kids — to the contrary, I think schools must take a very strong stand against all kinds of bullying, and probably a more punitive stand than many liberals would advocate. It’s that I would not want to be co-opted by GLAAD, and give the impression that being against bullying means that one is for GLAAD’s agenda.

These things are almost always about virtue signaling, nothing more. Notice in the example that the reader sent, the framing of the transgender issue is about agreement. What on earth would it mean to say that you don’t “agree” with transgenderism? As if something as fathomlessly complex as human sexuality and gender could be boiled down to a yes/no question.

In fact, that is precisely the point: frame it as a matter of agreement, and that way you force the dissenters to identify themselves, so you can weed them out.

If some anti-bullying organization that had nothing to do with LGBT put together a similar show-your-colors campaign, I almost certainly wouldn’t wear their stupid bracelet even though if I agreed with them 100 percent, because I am a contrarian who hates the conformity of virtue signaling.

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