Chelsea Clinton, who has not heretofore shown any interest in or talent for journalism, has been hired  by NBC News. Excerpt:

[NBC News president Steve] Capus said he had met with Ms. Clinton and had a long conversation that began with a simple question. “I asked her: ‘What are you interested in doing?’ ”

Ta-Nehisi Coates observes drily: “I’m sure there are a lot of other young aspiring journalist who are just dying for Steve Capus to ask them that very same question.”

Exactly. There are plenty of experienced and talented journalists — some older, some younger — who would love to have the chance to work for NBC News, and who have actual journalism experience to offer. But they won’t get the chance, because NBC has hired Chelsea Clinton. Similarly they hired Jenna Bush Hager some time ago to contribute to the Today Show. And for some mysterious reason, Luke Russert was hired at the ripe old age of 23 to be an on-air reporter for NBC News, despite having no prior journalism experience, other than being the son of two famous Washington journalists, and co-hosting a satellite radio sports talk show.

“He’s one of the rookies of the year,” said Steve Capus, who has an unerring gift for discerning journalistic talent in the greenhorn offspring of the famous and well-connected. On the other hand, it could be the case that the supply of journalists does not meet the market demand, compelling poor Capus to lower the standards of NBC News, just to make sure he has warm bodies to put on the air. That must be it.