The Orthodox priest Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick writes on his Facebook page:

When my gay friend asked me whether I was required to hate her, I told her no. She asked me why. I told her it’s because, even though I see homosexual activity (though not identity) as sinful, I believed my own sins were far worse than hers. It’s true. I really do. And I am (by choice) bound by my faith commitments to believe that, to see myself as the “chief of sinners.” I confess that every time I am about to engage in the most central act of my faith—receiving Holy Communion.

I do not in any sense believe that I am better than someone else just because the set of temptations I have and those I succumb to are different from someone else’s. How can I hate someone else for his sins or his temptations? I have so many of my own.

Likewise, I am not one of those who is certain that homosexual feelings can be “cured.” I have some ideas about their possible sources, but anyone with even a little experience as a confessor knows that the sources of temptation are not very easy to root out and, in many cases, can only ever be “managed.” That is how it is with many of my sins.

Mine too.