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‘What’s The Matter With Conservatives?’

Yes, the GOP has a demographics problem -- but contrary to the liberal diagnosis, it ain't paranoia if the Left really is out to get you
Rod Dreher November 12, 2019

One Country, Two Nations

Wall Street Journal tells the tale of the US divided geographically by economic success
Rod Dreher October 25, 2019

Frat Boy Thermopylae

Stunt led by cocky Gaetz shows that House GOP not taking impeachment seriously enough
Rod Dreher October 24, 2019

‘Nobody’s Listening Anyway’

The despair of a Blue State/Blue County voter
Rod Dreher October 4, 2019

The Fog Of Impeachment

This might be a stress-test of the regime's legitimacy
Rod Dreher October 3, 2019

Trump Is The Deep State

Whistleblower complaint alleges White House coverup of Trump's potentially illegal phone call
Rod Dreher September 26, 2019

Labour Votes To Dissolve Britain

Party resolves to open borders and extend franchise to all foreigners living in UK
Rod Dreher September 25, 2019

Rudy Giuliani, Our Secretary Of State

The Zelensky transcript is out -- and it's a semi-smoking gun. But the real scandal is Rudy's role
Rod Dreher September 25, 2019

Trump: A Banana Republican

If Ukraine accusations prove true, the President is deeply corrupting the state
Rod Dreher September 23, 2019

You Are Not ‘Innocent’

On the intersection of Edward Snowden with the wisdom of a Czech anticommunist dissident
Rod Dreher September 23, 2019