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Does the Pope Fear God?

A near-apocalyptic view of the Synod on the Family

Michael Brendan Dougherty gives it to you straight:

In the next three weeks, I fully expect the leadership of my own One Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church to fall into apostasy, at the conclusion of the Synod on the Family that begins today in Rome. This is the outcome Pope Francis has shaped over the entirety of his pontificate, and particularly with his recent appointments. An event like this —heresy promulgated by the Pope and his bishops — is believed by most Catholics to be impossible. But they should be prepared for it anyway. This is not an ordinary religious conference, but one to be dreaded.

My prediction is that, after much fixing and machinations by its leaders, the Synod on the Family will declare that the Holy Spirit led them to a new understanding of the truth. The Synod’s leaders will adopt the position that those living in second marriages, irrespective of the status of their first marriage, should be admitted to Holy Communion. This is commonly called the “Kasper proposal” after its author, the German Cardinal Walter Kasper. The Synod will likely leave the details of a “penitential period of reflection” for these souls up to local bishops and parish priests The leading bishops will assure critics that in fact no doctrine has been changed, only a discipline — even if these will make no sense when considered together.

But make no mistake, the Synod will make the sacrilege of the Eucharist St. Paul warns against an official policy of the Roman Catholic Church. And in the process the Synod will encourage the breakup of more marriages.

More, with reference to Cardinal Walter Kasper, the architect of modernizing changes under consideration by the Synod:

Of all Kasper’s critics, only Cardinal Müller seems to understand the stakes. “Within the frame of Modernist schemes of development,” he said during a recent lecture, “Revelation and the Dogmas of the Church are merely historically conditioned transitional stages at the end of which stands the self-divinization of man. The Revelation in Christ and its heretofore history would only be a preparatory stage for an understanding of God, world, and church in which man himself is subject and object of the Revelation at the same time.”


Read the whole thing. Citing some procedural moves made by Pope Francis, MBD contends that the fix is in, and that apostasy is guaranteed. This is why MBD ends his column by asking of all the hierarchs now gathered in Rome: “Do they not fear God?”

Let me ask my Roman Catholic readers: if MBD is correct, and the Synod ends with what you sincerely believe constitutes apostasy — and, to put a fine point on it, if it ends with this Pope teaching apostasy — what does that mean for you going forward? Stay put and wait? Affiliate with SSPX? Go Orthodox? Something else? I’m not trolling; I’d really like to know.




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