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Dick Cheney Indicted

A Texas grand jury has indicted Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales, and a Lone Star state senator for crimes involving the abuse of prisoners here in the U.S. From what we hear, this concerns a practice that has been called “domestic rendition,” though it doesn’t have anything (directly) to do with the war on terror. A TAC writer has been following this story closely but wasn’t aware — until now — that Cheney and Gonzales were in the line of fire. They are.

We’ll have much more on this in days and weeks to come…

Update: Some details from CNN. Cheney’s ties to the story look, to my non-lawyerly eyes at least, pretty thin, though Cheney’s holdings in the Vanguard Group only scratch the surface of his connections to private-prison industry. We’ll see  how things develop.

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