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DeSantis vs Disney

TAC Right Now: Season 2, Episode 27
right now
right now

Elon Musk, noted Twitter critic, now has a controlling stake in Twitter and a seat on the company’s board. Emile, Helen, Micah, and Sohrab discuss what impact this may have on the social media giant. Plus, Ron DeSantis takes on Disney over his state’s anti-grooming law, and some conservatives take issue with that framing. Over in Europe, the Hungarian people give Viktor Orban a big win at the ballot box, which Western elites call undemocratic.
Picks of the week:
Helen: Building Up From Chaos, Micah Meadowcroft
Micah: The VHS Solution, Matthew Walther
Sohrab: Biden’s Folly in Ukraine, Douglas Macgregor
Emile: The State Department Failed to Prevent the War. Will It Now Prevent the Peace?, David Sacks


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