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Democrats: Party Of Groomers

Poll shows Florida education law has huge national support. GOP should make Dems, Disney accountable for creepy child sexuality obsession
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The nonpartisan polling firm Public Opinion Strategies has just released results of polling on the Florida education law falsely derided by liberals and the media as the “Don’t Say Gay Law” — and the news is awful for Democrats. Look:

Three days ago, the Miami Herald reported on the president’s reaction to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signing the bill into law:

Biden said every student deserves to feel safe and welcome in the classroom.

“Our LGBTQI+ youth deserve to be affirmed and accepted just as they are,” he said. “My Administration will continue to fight for dignity and opportunity for every student and family — in Florida and around the country.”

I remind you that Joe Biden tweeted this during the campaign:

Today, on the high holy Transgender Day Of Visibility, Biden said:

“Visibility matters, and so many transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming Americans are thriving,” Biden said. “Like never before, they are sharing their stories in books and magazines; breaking glass ceilings of representation on television and movie screens; enlisting — once again —to serve proudly and openly in our military; getting elected and making policy at every level of government; and running businesses, curing diseases, and serving our communities in countless other ways.”

Well, guess what? Most Americans do not want their little kids groomed by woke classroom ideologues to embrace a queer identity. The Democrats have done to the wall on this issue. Great — let them own it. Let the American people understand that Joe Biden and his party are the people who want children to be catechized by queer activist teachers, and want schools to be able to keep parents in the dark about it. This is not a blogger on a right-wing website smearing the Democrats. This is who they are, and are proud to be.

It’s not working with the American people. Americans are broadly tolerant of trans people, but they correctly draw the line at grooming children. I hope that the suits at the Walt Disney Company, the leading corporate groomer of children, are soiling their pants over these poll numbers. It turns out that Hollywood and Woke Capitalism are not in touch with the country on this crucial issue.

Here is gay Florida teacher Amber Mercier saying that she will defy the law:

Great. Drag her in to the principal’s office, and if she doesn’t retract, fire her on the spot.

This is a powerful issue for Republicans — gutsy Republicans like Ron DeSantis, not squishes like the governors of Utah and Indiana, who want to appease the media and Woke Capitalism, even at the cost of protecting children and families. If we as a country and as a society cannot protect our children from having their minds colonized by these groomers, what use are we?

About the term “groomers”: it’s usually used to describe pedophiles who are preparing innocent kids for sexual exploitation. I think it is coming to have a somewhat broader meaning: an adult who wants to separate children from a normative sexual and gender identity, to inspire confusion in them, and to turn them against their parents and all the normative traditions and institutions in society. It may not specifically be to groom them for sexual activity, but it is certainly to groom them to take on a sexual/gender identity at odds with the norm. And it’s working:

Kids are getting this in school, and they’re getting this from the media. Here’s a new video from a Disney executive pointing out that the media really are indoctrinating kids, and that they should recognize “there’s a lot of power in that”:

It’s very, very important that Chris Rufo is broadcasting these excerpts from the big online Disney meet-up to mollify angry wokesters within the company. If people like me point out that the media are doing this, half the conservatives say I’m alarmist, and all the liberals say that I’m bigoted and alarmist. But in that whole series of Disney executive clips, over and over top Disney people not only say that they do it, but the boast of it to shore up support from the woke Disney workers.

And this:

It is super-creepy that so many adults — especially adults in power — are fixated on queering children. It is past time for the backlash. You would never know it from media coverage of the Florida law, but this poll shows that Gov. DeSantis and the Florida legislature are on the side of the people — even Biden voters.

I heard today that the DeSantis people got the idea from Hungary’s (far more sweeping) law governing the presentation of sexual orientation and gender identity propaganda to children. On Sunday — Election Day here in Hungary — that law will go up for approval or rejection by Hungarian voters in a referendum. Here are the questions Hungarians will be voting on:

  • Do you support the teaching of sexual orientation to minors in public education institutions without parental consent?
  • Do you support the promotion of sex reassignment therapy for underage children?
  • Do you support the unrestricted exposure of underage children to sexually explicit media content that may affect their development?
  • Do you support the showing of sex-change media content to minors?

How do you think Americans would vote on these questions? Most of us would probably support them. Predictably, the international media coverage is massively biased against the referendum — for example — but unless the opposition can invalidate its results through spoiled ballots, it will pass easily. From that hostile story:

“We are united, and this is why we will also win the referendum to stop at Hungary’s borders the gender insanity sweeping across the Western world,” Orbán said at a rally mid-March.

“We shall protect our families and our children, a father is a man, a mother is a woman, and leave our children alone,” Orbán told the crowd.

I bet that would be a winning message in American campaigns too.

It’s time for people to stop falling for the sky-is-falling propaganda from LGBT campaigners and allies. The Western media stories about the referendum in Hungary are full of quotes from LGBT activists in Hungary saying the referendum is going to increase anti-gay bigotry here, and so forth. This is what campaigners have been saying for at least two decades now: that if you don’t give them every damn thing they demand, then you will have LGBT blood on your hands.

Take Biden’s claim today that transgendered people “continue to face epidemic levels of violence, and 2021 marked the deadliest year on record for transgender Americans.”

Epidemic levels! The deadliest year on record! Here is the list of trans Americans killed in 2021, according to the gay rights lobby Human Rights Campaign. The list contains every trans person murdered, but says nothing about the context of those murders. They want you to believe that these people were killed for being transgendered. It’s propaganda — propaganda repeated by the President of the United States.

Tyianna Daverea Alexander — a male-to-female trans murdered in a drive-by double homicide while sitting in a car with another man at 5 a.m. No indication that Alexander’s trans status had anything to do with the shooting.

Samuel Edmund Damian Valentin — a female-to-male trans found shot to death in Puerto Rico in the middle of the road. Police could establish no motive.

Bianca “Muffin” Bankz, a MtF trans, died in a murder-suicide. Was Bankz romantically involved with the man who killed him and then himself? Was the man a trick Bankz, a former street person, picked up, who panicked when he realized Bankz was male? We don’t know. But HRC and other activists claim it was a transphobic killing. Yet the police said that the killing “was not random and is not a threat to the public.”

Dominique Jackson’s body was pulled from a wrecked car. Jackson, a MtF trans, had been shot. Police arrested Branden McLaurin in connection with the killing. I could not find out more information, because some websites are blocked in Hungary. Judging by some online commentary, McLaurin might have shot Jackson after discovering that he (Jackson) was male while meeting for sex. Murder is murder, but if Jackson was doing sex work — and to be fair, I could find nothing that suggested that he was — then that is extremely risky. Again, I could find no contextual details on this killing, but why should we automatically assume that it was driven by hatred of transgendered people? It might have been, but the assumption seems unwarranted.

Fifty Bandz, a MtF trans in Baton Rouge, was shot and killed by a male boyfriend. The two had been seeing each other for a while, say those who knew them, and had a volatile relationship. This was partner violence, not an anti-trans murder.

Alexus Braxton, a MtF trans in Miami, was murdered in his home in a vicious attack. I could find no evidence that police had made an arrest, nor could I find a suspected motive. Yet this is assumed by activists to be a transphobic attack. Braxton was a former prostitute, according to a friend who did sex work with her, and at the time of his killing was planning to set up an OnlyFans account to share erotic content with paying subscribers. I’ll say it again: if you get into this line of work, you are going to run a non-trivial chance of meeting up with some scummy, violent people.

Chyna Carillo, a MtF trans, was beaten to death by a man she had been dating, who was shot and killed by police in the violent act. Because the man and Carillo were both killed, it’s impossible to find a motive, but the killer had previously been convicted of murder for having killed his wife.

Jeffery “JJ Bright and Jasmine Canady were trans and non-binary siblings murdered by their mother, who was sentenced to two life terms. No motive was disclosed, though the killer had been struggling with mental health issues since her military discharge, and had recently been hospitalized for bipolar disorder. Was this a hate crime? Maybe. We don’t know. A family member said that the killer mom supported LGBT rights.

Jenna Franks was murdered for unknown reasons. Franks, a MtF trans, was a homeless drug addict, a hard demographic to survive in. But activists claim this was an anti-trans killing.

Diamond Kyree Sanders was killed in a robbery in Cincinnati. Police said the killing was about “greed,” not Sanders’s trans status.

Rayanna Pardo was struck and killed by a car in Los Angeles as the MtF trans was allegedly running to get away from a group that was harassing him. I could not find police comment on the case, but if this is true, then it seems fair to me to include that as a bigotry-related death. But then again, people get harassed on the street all the time. If Pardo was being harassed for being trans, how would we know?

Jaida Peterson and Remy Fennell were MtF transgender prostitutes who were shot to death in the North Carolina hotel rooms where they took their customers.

Aidelen Evans, a MtF trans, was a homeless transient. Police do not know why Evans was killed.

Dominique Lucious was shot by a man the MtF trans met on a dating app. According to the person with whom Lucious was staying, Lucious “may have been involved with sex work.” It is certainly possible that this was a killing motivated by trans hatred, it is also the case that prostitution is an extremely dangerous line of work. According to police, Lucious asked the man arrested for the murder how much of an unnamed drug he could give to Lucious in exchange for a sex act.

Tiara Banks (MtF) was shot to death while sitting in his car alone in Chicago. No killer or motive was ever found.

Jahaira DeAlto Balenciaga (MtF) was murdered by a houseguest with a history of mental illness.

Natalia Smüt (MtF) was murdered by a lover of several months.

Iris Santos (MtF) was shot to death by an unknown assailant while sitting at an fast food restaurant table. Police have no idea who did it, or why.

Jermaine “Tiffany” Thomas (MtF) was shot dead after midnight at a car wash in a rough part of Dallas. No motive or arrest has been made. If you are outside at a car wash in a violent part of town after midnight, you are not in a place of optimal safety, whatever your gender identity.

Keri Washington (MtF) was killed by his longtime lover. They had a violent relationship, a relative of the victim said.

Thomas Hardon (MtF, though he used the name Thomas) was killed by a former lover, a violent man wanted for homicide in four states. The man was homeless and had been living in the woods.

Whispering Wind Bear Spirit (non-binary) died after being shot trying to foil a home robbery attempt.

Sophie Vasquez (MtF) was killed outside his apartment. Police arrested a suspect in the case, but at the time didn’t believe the killing had to do with Vasquez’s trans status. I couldn’t find updated information.

I’ll stop there, at 25 killings, about the halfway point. I find that I’ve been working on this post for two hours now, and don’t want to do it anymore. Of those 25, I could find only one — Rayanna Pardo — who likely met his death because of bigotry (if it’s true that he ran into a road in front of a car to escape a mob). Many of them were killed by lovers or ex-partners. Some were involved in prostitution, one of the most dangerous kinds of work. Some were killed for reasons we may never know — but that is no reason at all to assume that they died because someone who hated transgendered people wanted them dead.

These lists from activists inform the news media and the Democratic POTUS, all of whom want to believe that there is an “epidemic” of anti-trans hatred that is causing the streets to run with blood. According to the HRC list, there were 57 killings of trans people in America in 2021. Know how many people overall have been murdered in only the city of Chicago, just this month alone? Thirty-five. 

Where’s the presidential denunciation “epidemic” of homicides in Chicago? All murders are evil. But those that don’t serve a progressive Narrative don’t get attention.

You should know that we are all being gaslighted by the President, by the Democrats, by the news and entertainment media, and by Woke Capitalism. Why? Who benefits? Other than alienating children from their parents, their religious traditions, and even their bodies, what is the end goal here? We ought to find our voices and demand answers.

By more than two-to-one, Americans favor modest bills like the Florida law that takes grooming power away from schools and returns to parents authority over their children’s psychosexual development. Republicans should make the Democrats defend their groomer-protection proclivities, and should stop being so afraid to take commonsense measures to protect children and families. Call the media’s bluff on these phony statistics and sob stories. The “human rights” activists in Hungary are claiming that LGBT blood will flow because of this weekend’s referendum — this, in a country where gay people are allowed to form domestic partnerships. It’s all gaslighting and crybullying. Viktor Orban is not intimidated by it over here, and neither is Ron DeSantis by the same thing over there. Good.

I’ll say it again: if we are not willing to protect our children and the rights of parents from those who want to colonize their minds, where do we draw the line? Conservatives have no power in culture to fight this stuff. We do have some power in politics. We should use it with confidence, while there is still a strong majority of Americans who are sick of this garbage being pumped into the minds of children by Disney, the media, and the Democratic Party.

UPDATE: Check out this piece in Quillette by Bernard Lane, reporting on the campaign by gender ideologues to get to kids while they are young. Excerpts:

In the debate about the wisdom of medicalised gender change for the young, there is a common refrain meant to expose the moral panic and ignorance of sceptics. No young person, we are told, gets any medical intervention before puberty. This may be true, but it obscures the more telling fact that very young children at school are exposed to influences that may put them on a one-way path to lifelong medicalisation.

In a Canadian primary school, a six-year-old girl was reportedly upset and puzzled after her teacher showed the class a YouTube video entitled He, She, and They?!?—Gender: Queer Kid Stuff #2. The video stated that “some people aren’t boys or girls.” Another day, the teacher asked the children to place themselves on a gender-spectrum diagram. The six-year-old put herself at the “girl” end of the spectrum, only to be told by the teacher that “girls are not real, and boys are not real.”

The girl’s family say school authorities refused to take any action over these lessons, which were given in 2018. Although the family moved the daughter to another school, they say the disorienting effect of having her foundational identity as a girl undermined has been “severe and long-lasting.” A human-rights complaint brought on the girl’s behalf finally reached a full tribunal hearing this month.

In England, a six-year-old boy reportedly came home confused because his school was allowing another boy to identify as female and wear a dress. The six-year-old’s parents say they were warned by school authorities that anyone who “could not believe” that boys identifying as girls were actually girls, or anyone who refused to use female pronouns, “would be viewed by the school as being transphobic.”

At a middle school in California, a sixth-grade girl called Jessica was allegedly influenced by teachers to join an Equality Club, where she was told she might be transgender and bisexual. Her mother’s lawyer says the teachers “told these kids, do not tell your parents, and specifically Jessica’s mom, do not tell them, they cannot be trusted.”

“They gave them reading materials about transgenderism,” the lawyer says. “They secretly changed the pronouns, but when in front of the parents, referred to their children by their birth pronouns. Behind the parents’ back, in the school, [they] used their new identity. All this was done secretly.”


When gender ideology looms large at school and online, the young may be primed to interpret a sense of not quite fitting in, of a bodily disconnection, a feeling of a somewhat feminine boyhood or boyish girlhood, as signs of a trans identity. Autism Spectrum Disorder may go undiagnosed or untreated, and stirrings of same-sex attraction may be reframed as trans.

Read it all. 

UPDATE.2: A reader’s comment from the Gary Lucia thread explains why I’m not going to back down on using the word “groomer” to describe these people:

I see some folks on this comment thread saying that calling this behavior “grooming” isn’t right, and that this isn’t an appropriate response to it.

I’m a Boy Scout leader. Every year I have to take Youth Protection Training. And it sucks. We hear stories from adults of how they were taken advantage of as kids. You hear gut-wrenching stuff. It’s awful. The case studies are cringe-inducing. We send the kids off to watch a video (Star Wars Rebels is great!) while we sit through the class.

One of the key points they make in that training is that one of the strategies that abusers use is to expose kids to sexuality at an age before they are emotionally ready to deal with it. And another is that they tell kids to hide abusive behavior from their parents. Offering access to pornography to underage children is another desensitization strategy.

Every one of these behaviors that our gracious host (rightfully) calls out in the trans ideology is characteristic of predators grooming children for abuse. And while the Disney and the school systems Rod points to may not be intending to do so, they are creating a culture and a system within which abuse will flourish because they are enabling them.