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Democracy 2.0

From Slate today,

Though no one in the Obama camp will discuss the specifics, Democratic Web guru Joe Trippi and others believe that the White House Web site will transform into a social network—a kind of Facebook for citizens, a place where people can learn about and work toward passing the president’s agenda. Trippi argues that if Obama can use the Web to spark the same well-organized fervor for his policy goals as he did for his campaign, “I think it’s going to be one of the most powerful presidencies we’ve seen since FDR, and maybe even more powerful. Even the best presidents have never had a way to connect directly with millions of Americans—Obama will have that.”

Oh, Joe Trippi. It is creepy to talk about how Obama could be the most “powerful” president ever. The problem with Bush was that no one cared to check his power.

Also, directly connecting with millions of Americans is oxymoronic – like being intimate with millions. This sounds more like a mob. A condescending, tiresome mob that talks about “Obama’s really important legislative agenda.”

Update: So if I signed up for this website, would I have to reject the constant friend requests of Rahm Emanuel?

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