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Our No Good, Miserable, Very Hot Future

How hot has your hometown gotten since you were born? How much hotter is it going to get?

That’s my result from this New York Times interactive feature, which counts the number of days at or over 90 degrees in your hometown when you were born, compares them to now, and projects them into your old age.

In 1967, the year I was born, Baton Rouge had 86 days per year in which the temperature reached 90 or higher.

Today, in 2017, that’s 101 days — more than three months.

When I’m an old man, in 2047, we’ll likely be up to 123 days — four months of very hot days. And humid ones too. It’s always humid in south Louisiana.

It is hard to overstate how much I hate the heat here. I guess I’m going to keep on buying lottery tickets so we can build a compound on the coast in Nova Scotia, and stay there from just past Walker Percy Weekend (early June) through Thanksgiving (late November).



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