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California Wants to Take 'Trans Children' From Their Parents

State of the Union: A new bill would make a parent’s refusal to affirm a child’s gender identity grounds for losing custody.

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To see the America the Democratic Party wants, look to California.

Assembly Bill 927, introduced by Assemblyman Lori Wilson, would amend the state's family code to make parents' affirmation of their children's "gender identity" a criterion in custody disputes. Judges would be able to grant or deny parents custody of their children at least in part on the basis of whether they affirm their children's false beliefs about their sex—beliefs that, in many cases, will change over time.


"Non-affirming parents" are considered especially grave sinners in the progressive moral universe because they commit what progressives consider the worst sin of all: denying another person's autonomy, even when that person is a child—your child—and even when that person is manifestly delusional.

Earlier this year, Washington State passed a bill allowing youth-services providers to decline to inform the parents of runaways that their children received "gender affirming care" while on the lam. The Biden CDC set up a chat room targeted at transgender-identifying children, particularly "LGBTQ youth in the South," who may have been "confined to...non-affirming home environments." These are whispers of what California Democrats are now saying out loud: Toe the line, or we will take your child from you.


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