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Brian Hook’s Farcical E-Mail Scam

The administration's Iran obsession has reached a point where they are now trying to bribe people to act as pirates on their behalf.

The Financial Times reports on the farce that is our government’s Iran policy:

Four days before the US imposed sanctions on an Iranian tanker suspected of shipping oil to Syria, the vessel’s Indian captain received an unusual email from the top Iran official at the Department of State.

“This is Brian Hook . . . I work for secretary of state Mike Pompeo and serve as the US Representative for Iran,” Mr Hook wrote to Akhilesh Kumar on August 26, according to several emails seen by the Financial Times. “I am writing with good news.”

The “good news” was that the Trump administration was offering Mr Kumar several million dollars to pilot the ship — until recently known as the Grace 1 — to a country that would impound the vessel on behalf of the US. To make sure Mr Kumar did not mistake the email for a scam, it included an official state department phone number.

The administration’s Iran obsession has reached a point where they are now trying to bribe people to act as pirates on their behalf. When the U.S. was blocked by a court in Gibraltar from taking the ship, they sought to buy the loyalty of the captain in order to steal it. Failing that, they resorted to their favorite tool of sanctions to punish the captain and his crew for ignoring their illegitimate demand. The captain didn’t respond to the first message, so Hook persisted with his embarrassing scheme:

“With this money you can have any life you wish and be well-off in old age,” Mr Hook wrote in a second email to Mr Kumar that also included a warning. “If you choose not to take this easy path, life will be much harder for you.”

Many people have already mocked Hook’s message for its resemblance to a Nigerian prince e-mail scam, and I might add that he comes across here sounding like a B-movie gangster. Hook’s contact was not an isolated incident, but part of a series of e-mails and texts that he has sent to various ships’ captains in a vain effort to intimidate them into falling in line with the administration’s economic war. This is what comes of a foreign policy of “maximum pressure” and swagger: tawdry bribes, heavy-handed threats, and complete failure.

As amusing as it is to point out the administration’s incompetence, we need to remember that the economic war that the administration is waging is illegitimate and it is doing great harm to the Iranian people. The economic war may be run by clowns, including Brian Hook, but it is causing severe damage to innocent people all over Iran.



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