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Biden Announces Amnesty for over 500,000 Illegal Aliens

State of the Union: The plan covers those married to U.S. Citizens.
Sleepy Joe Biden with Dr. Jill
Credit: Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

President Biden announced Tuesday the creation of a program through executive order to grant amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to an estimated 500,000 illegal aliens who are married to American citizens.

Biden’s plans operate as an extension of the “parole in place” program, which allows noncitizens to work and live in the U.S. Under the extended program, those eligible will have three years to apply for citizenship (in time for the 2028 elections). 


Biden’s order is expected to be touted at a White House event commemorating the 12-year anniversary of Barack Obama’s DACA program, which prevented the deportation of illegal aliens who entered the U.S. as minors. Biden’s order also makes DACA recipients eligible for Obamacare.

Biden’s decision kicks against the pricks of current public opinion. For instance, a CBS News/YouGov poll taken earlier in June found that the American public favors mass deportations of illegals by a margin of 62 percent. A majority of Hispanics are in favor of such a move as well.

Biden’s executive order may face numerous legal hurdles, much as DACA did. One difference: The current composition of the Supreme Court is considerably more conservative than it was at the time of the DACA challenge.