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Beating Brandon

State of the Union: If Biden is an invalid on stimulants, which he very well may be, what does that make Republicans who keep losing to him?

President Biden During Primetime Speech Outside Philadelphia's Independence National Historical Park
Joe Biden delivers a primetime speech at Independence National Historical Park, September 1, 2022, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Some days you wake up and choose violence. I'm having one of those moments writing this blog post after spending the bulk of my week writing on the shutdown negotiations.

I came across this clip of my friend Logan Hall over at BlazeTV.


Hall inhales deeply, and says what no red-meat normie-con wants to hear: “Personally, I believe Dark Brandon actually rules.” But Hall isn’t a liberal. Why would he say such things?

“He is out there every day looking like the Mexican alien that they rolled out, just puttering around, inventing all these stories—he grew up in a black church, he had a Rabbi, he was at ground zero on 9/11—it rocks,” Hall jokes. “He’s barely functioning, and yet, he is arresting his political opponents.” For their part, Republicans have done little, if anything, to stop it.

Republicans mock President Biden’s mental acuity 24/7. They giggle as they chant, “Let’s go Brandon,” and post Biden gaffe montages on social media. But the joke is on them. Biden has out maneuvered Republicans at almost every major turn during his administration. 

After no fewer than 200 infrastructure weeks in a row during the Trump administration, the first major piece of legislation Biden signs into law is an infrastructure package packed with progressive priorities. So, too, was his other major legislative achievement, the Inflation Reduction Act, which has done little to curb inflation but has made times easier for friends of his administration that received government handouts. Then there was the debt ceiling deal, which turned House Republican commitments to pair back Covid-19 level spending into mere suggestions. As I’ve made clear over the next two weeks, there’s reason to fear that the ongoing shutdown negotiations will result in another Biden victory. Don’t even get me started on how Republicans have completely failed to force the administration’s hand into securing the border or hold administration officials accountable.

Why would Biden step aside before 2024? Republicans haven’t beat him at the negotiating table or in the ballot box. If Biden is an invalid on stimulants, which he very well may be, what does that make Republicans?