Thomas E. Woods Jr.

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A Missing History of Conservatism

Garland Tucker's new book shows the right's historical roots before Buckley, Goldwater, and Reagan.
Thomas E. Woods Jr. August 28, 2015

Whose City? Which Hill?

How a Puritan metaphor became a call to global dominion
Thomas E. Woods Jr. November 13, 2012

How to Read the Constitution

The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution, Brion McClanahan, Regnery, 262 pages
Thomas E. Woods Jr. March 7, 2012

Redeeming History

Sacred Causes: The Clash of Religion and Politics from the Great War to the War on Terror, Michael Burleigh,…
Thomas E. Woods Jr. September 21, 2011

Rand Paul’s Tea Party Manifesto

This weekend I had a chance to read Rand Paul’s new book, The Tea Party Goes to Washington. It…
Thomas E. Woods Jr. February 21, 2011

Less Bang for the Buck

Military spending drains and distorts the civilian economy. By Thomas E. Woods Jr. To get a sense of the…
Thomas E. Woods Jr. February 7, 2011

Zombies in the Attic

Being politically correct means never having to address an argument — at least when it comes to nullification. By…
Thomas E. Woods Jr. October 25, 2010

When Zombies Attack

Decentralization is a political principle every bit as important to the North — and other regions — as to…
Thomas E. Woods Jr. October 25, 2010