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The Fury of the Modernists

For almost a century, the architecture establishment has insisted on rigid ideology.

How Western Urban Planning Fueled War in the Middle East

Modernist buildings, zoning laws, and a disregard for local custom did more damage than we know.

The Threat of ‘Genius’ to Truly Successful Architecture

Buildings that stand out when they should fit in are showpieces for their creators but can be offensive to the rest of us.

How to Build a Skyline at Human Scale

Buildings need dignified hats.

Today’s Skyscrapers Assault the Skyline and the Street

Many new towers do not respect their neighbors or the human scale of city life.

A Righter Shade of Green

While the Left pursues environmentalism to advance its global agenda, conservation is best entrusted to local stewardship.

Guarding Liberty from Democracy

[The Future of Freedom: Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad, Fareed Zakaria, W.W. Norton & Company, 256 pages]

Treason of the Intellectuals

[The Survival of Culture: Permanent Values in a Virtual Age, ed. Hilton Kramer and Roger Kimball, Ivan R. Dee, 256 pages]