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The Biggest Losers of Trump’s Presidency: His Voters

His incompetence and incoherence guarantees that he’ll be a one-term president.

America’s First Elites

The country’s earliest ruling class embodied America, unlike today’s meritocracy, which despises it.

Mixed Midterm Results Reveal the Trump Paradox

The president may relish his new circumstances but both he and the Democrats must face their own political weaknesses.

What Happens When the Caravan Gets Here?

It’s not just a practical problem, but an existential one. Are we ready for it?

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Goes Neocon

The president’s equivocating remarks over the defense secretary show that Bolton and Pompeo are indeed winning.

After Racism, the Left Struggles to Find a New Menace

Shelby Steele says the Left’s hate can be seen as a death rattle, but how bloody will it get in the meantime?

The Perils of Our Liberal Hegemony

John Mearsheimer’s latest book explores how progressivism gave us today’s foreign policy mess.

Dianne Feinstein and the Joe McCarthys of Our Time

It used to be that when a nominee was accused of something, the cooler heads took charge. No longer.

Why Trump’s Approval Numbers Won’t Budge

Despite a horrible week he’s still polling relatively high. That’s because this fight is bigger than just him.

Not One More American Life Should Be Expended for Afghanistan

There is no hope of victory in the war against the Taliban today.

Trump’s Working Class, Conservative, Populist Realignment

We’re getting a sense how this coalition came to be—but will it survive tomorrow?

Enough: The DOJ Must Show Its Cards to the American Public

The country is heading for a constitutional crisis, and only clarity can resolve the two competing Russia narratives tearing us apart.

Italy Sets Course for Left-Right Populist Surge

The elites’ days are numbered, as the immigration crisis sweeps two anti-establishment parties to power.

Israel Nudges Trump Towards War With Iran

Can a devastating conflict be avoided? The best hope may lie with—of all people—Vladimir Putin.

Conservatism in Crisis

It needs to refurbish itself for a new era. But how to go about doing that?

The Civilization That Soared and Enlivened the World

What’s the West good for? Try artistic expression, scientific inquiry, exploration, and civic development.

The West Cannibalizes Itself

What civilization has ever sought to repudiate its own culture and traditions as we do today?

Trump, the FBI, and the Final Debasement of American Politics

No one wins in the downhill race that started with the Clintons, and will end in the cultural gutter.

Commentary to Trump Voters: Drop Dead

One writer for the neoconservative magazine says globalism’s losers are outnumbered, and now it’s time to “overwhelm” them.

A Hearty Welcome to the Spectator USA

The British are coming—with a fresh take on American politics and policy.

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