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Escape From the EU

Why it took a referendum—not an election—for Britain to reject globalism.
Peter Hitchens August 22, 2016

The Myth of Margaret Thatcher

Conservatives must come to grips with the noble failure of the Iron Lady.
Peter Hitchens February 27, 2012

Borderline Delight

Utopia has no checkpoints—and that’s a shame.
Peter Hitchens September 26, 2011

English Lessons

David Cameron doesn’t have the remedy for Britain’s disintegration—or America’s.
Peter Hitchens May 4, 2011

Soviet Stepchildren

Communism fell, but liberty has yet to arrive in Central Asia. By Peter Hitchens Beyond, behind, mysterious and unvisited,…
Peter Hitchens February 9, 2011

Democracy Delusion

The West’s interests aren’t always best served by one man, one vote.
Peter Hitchens May 1, 2010

Far Wrong

Don’t be fooled by the BNP.
Peter Hitchens February 1, 2010

Prague Autumn

The Czechs escaped Soviet domination only to face a new tyranny
Peter Hitchens August 1, 2009