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Are Yemen’s Houthis the Future of War?

Taking a page from T.E. Lawrence and excelling at primitive drone technology, these ‘ragtag’ insurgents are besting major powers in Yemen.

Why the UAE Cut Their Losses and Pulled Out of Yemen

The loss of the Saudis’ most capable partner will be a blow. But what if they can convince Washington to pick up the slack?

Saudi Arabia is Losing the War in Yemen

Four years ago, they thought they could defeat the Houthis quickly. But the Yemenis turned out to be tougher than expected.

Somaliland: A Success Story Without the Billions and Bombs

They got rid of piracy and al-Shabaab at a fraction of the cost that we’ve spent in the region. How?

A Yemen Ceasefire? Believe It When You See It

While Pompeo and Mattis talk tough, the Saudis are readying for another offensive designed to starve civilians.

Is China Waiting Us Out?

While the U.S. bombs, Xi Jinping is building—one power play at a time.

Is This the Break With Saudi Arabia We’ve Been Waiting For?

Trump has threatened ‘severe punishment’ for alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Let’s hope he means it.

Trump Puts Arms Sales Ahead of Yemeni Lives

Nothing good can come out of aiding the Saudis in Yemen—nothing except enriching weapons dealers.

The Terrifying Take-Away From Maduro Assassination Attempt

The would-be killer was a DIY drone.

Saudis Spinning the Optics of Dead Schoolchildren

Why do Americans help manage their PR? This week in particular, our role has been shameful.

Saudis Find Out Hard Way: Yemen Is Another Graveyard of Empires

Invaders throughout history have thrown themselves against the anvil, only to be left bloodied and defeated.

Inside the Chilling World of Artificially Intelligent Drones

Sixteen years of war has brought something we never prepared for: increasingly intelligent drones in the hands of terrorists.

The Poetic Demise of Yemen’s Most Powerful Man

Ali Abdullah Saleh’s assassination was part of a cycle of revenge that threatens to destroy his country.

Saudi Prince Delivering Yemen Right Into Arms of Iran

The Houthi fighters are tougher than you think, and are no Persian proxies—yet.

Will Backlash Against Prince Purge Begin Within Military?

Firing popular Saudi guard leader may have been a critical miscalculation.

War in Yemen a Bonanza for U.S. and UK Arms Merchants

Is this why Saudi allies won’t help stop the war?

Saudi Arabia Is Trying to Remake the Middle East In Its Image

No country has done more to spread radical Islam than Saudi Arabia.

Why U.S. Troops May Fight Alongside al-Qaeda in Yemen

Trump is expanding the flawed policy of Obama.

Saudi Arabia’s Brutal and Futile War in Yemen Turns Two

The war has failed to achieve any of its aims.

Iran on Notice

Is Yemen being used as a springboard to war?