Matt Purple

Managing Editor

Matt Purple is the managing editor of The American Conservative. Prior to that, he worked as the assistant managing editor at The American Spectator and as deputy editor for Rare Politics. His work has appeared in National ReviewThe National Interest, the UK Spectator, the Washington Times,, and elsewhere. A native of Avon, Connecticut, he currently lives in Virginia.

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A Lament for the Tea Party

It changed our politics, briefly, fleetingly. Now Congress's latest budget shows the GOP is back to its Bush-era ways.
Matt Purple February 14, 2018

Populism and the Patriots

Super Bowl LII had all the exhilaration of beating the establishment, which is exactly what America wanted.
Matt Purple February 4, 2018

The Churchill We Misremember

We've turned him into a moralizing rallying call towards every war imaginable. In reality, he was far more complex than that.
Matt Purple January 25, 2018

Imagining an Authoritarian

Nicholas Kristof wonders if Trump is our first president with autocratic tendencies. Where has he been for the past 15 years?
Matt Purple January 19, 2018

Bannonism Will Live On

Revolutions don't die with their figureheads. Bannon's radicalism has found a resonance it's unlikely to lose.
Matt Purple January 11, 2018

A Light Touch on Iran

Trump's response to protests should be one of cautious restraint. And no, the nuclear deal hasn't been discredited.
Matt Purple January 3, 2018

Looking Back on a Year of Eclipse for the Left

From South America to the EU, left-wing parties are in a state of crisis. Will next year only continue the damage?
Matt Purple December 29, 2017

The Ideologues Who Wrecked Libya

As lawlessness reigns, those who pushed us into toppling Gaddafi are due for a reckoning.
Matt Purple December 5, 2017