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Cult of the Irrelevant: National Security Eggheads & Academics

A new book decries a lack of influence by realist scholars, but is it unduly blaming the victim?

How Not to Fix America

Heritage Foundation scholar Kim Holmes’s new book betrays a conservative movement out of touch with the nation.

How Washington Makes Love for War

What Paula Broadwell teaches us about the foreign-policy elite.

Time-Bomb Diplomacy

Misguided U.S. and Israeli policy brings war with Iran ever closer.

What a Koch Takeover of Cato Would Mean for the Foreign Policy Debate

Many bytes have already been spilled over the effort by Charles and David …

Best Defense

Beltway brigadier Robert Kagan is all wrong. By Justin Logan Washington’s bipartisan …

An Empire, If You Can Keep It

Periodically, it is worth remembering just how much the American Founders detested …

Argue Like It’s 1991

The interventionist consensus breaks down, and an overdue debate begins.

Will the neocons’ Iranian PR campaign bomb?

The neocon propaganda machine rolls toward Iran.