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Robert Bork Was the Judicial Activist He Warned Us About

His re-interpretation of predatory pricing and antitrust laws set the stage for a generation of harmful mergers.
Jonathan Tepper December 5, 2019

Gougers ‘R’ Us: How Private Equity is Gobbling Up Medical Care

This is where you get all those surprise bills (and lower quality care)—whether it be for ambulance rides, ER visits or funerals.
Jonathan Tepper November 13, 2019

Breaking Up Facebook? This is Getting Real

The Silicon Valley sweetheart may not be able to lobby or spin his way out of this one.
Jonathan Tepper October 1, 2019

Big Beer’s Illusory Appeal

If the duopoly of the brewing and distribution titans didn't exist, wouldn't most people drink craft beer?
Jonathan Tepper September 13, 2019

The Doctor Monopoly is Killing American Patients

How the American Medical Association deliberately created a U.S. physician shortage in order to protect jobs and inflate pay.
Jonathan Tepper August 1, 2019

Facebook and Google Must Be Regulated Now

The time for ineffectual fines and self-policing is over. Here's why.
Jonathan Tepper May 13, 2019

Medicare for All and the Myth of Free Markets

Healthcare monopolies are strangling competition and driving up prices. The Democrats' plan won't fix that.
Jonathan Tepper April 25, 2019

Non-Compete Clauses Are Strangling Our Lowest Paid Workers

Employers say they protect trade secrets. But then why are they being used against janitors and fast food employees?
Jonathan Tepper April 4, 2019